Housewife tricks: wash carpets with excellent results and hang the clothes without making them fade

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How to wash carpets

***For to wash i carpets with excellent results you can use water, Marseille soap in flakes, a damp sponge cloth. Dissolve a spoonful of soap flakes in a bucket of lukewarm water, then wet the cloth, squeeze it very well and then pass it several times in the direction of the hair. Before the operation it is advisable to remove the bulk of the dust with the special electric broom or, alternatively, by beating the carpet.

How to hang clothes outdoors

*** Yes stretches out toopen it is advisable turn colored items inside out, because otherwise there is a risk that they will fade. If you hang out outdoors in the city, it is advisable to repair the ropes or the clothesline with a very light cotton cloth (you can find it in any fabric shop) that allows the air to circulate but at the same time protects the garments from the smog that could leave unpleasant traces on them.

Beware of shopping before lunch

*** Never go to do the expenditure al supermarket just before lunch or, in any case, when you feel hungry. The risk in this case is to buy much more than necessary, to choose particularly fatty products, to give in to the lure of snacks that are not essential in the economy of a healthy diet.


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