How common is my name?

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How common is my name?

The most common and rarest names

Last November the 2022 data of the Istat report, Institute of Statistics Del Paeseno, present in the report "Population birth rate and fertility in 2022". For the boys, the name Leonardo, which had excelled since 2001, surpasses Francesco. In second place Francesco, while in third he remains stable Alessandro. As for the female names instead, the ranking remains unchanged: in the first three places we find Sofia, Giulia e Aurora.

Here is the ranking to know how common is your baby's name and our proposals of rarer and more original names, for both boys and girls.

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  • Most common female names
  • More original male names 
  • More original female names

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Most common male names

  1. Leonardo 3,39% (of total males) Name of Germanic origin, it means: "strong as a lion". Nameday: March 30th.
  2. Francesco 2,87% It means "French, relating to France or coming from France" and the name day is October 4th (St. Francis of Assisi).
  3. Alessandro 2,50% It has Greek origin and means: "He who protects men". The name day can be celebrated on August 26, April 22 and August 30.
  4. Lorenzo 2,45% It derives from Laurentius, "inhabitant of Laurento" or "city of laurel". The name day is August 10 (San Lorenzo di della città, martyr).
  5. Mattia 2,41% It means "Man of God". Nameday: February 24th and May 14th.
  6. Andrew 2,21% Name of Greek origin, it means "brave man". Nameday: November 30th.
  7. Gabriele 2,08% Name of Hebrew origin, it means "fortress of God or hero with God's help". Nameday: September 29th.
  8. Richard 1,97% It means "mighty and valiant". Name day: 7 February.
  9. Thomas 1,84% Name of Aramaic-Hebrew origin, it means "twin". Nameday: 3 July and 21 December
  10. Edward 1,67% Name of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means "guardian of goods". Nameday: 5th January and 13th October.
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Most common female names

  1. Sofia 2,99% It has the following meanings: wisdom, science, knowledge. It is also the name, in Greek mythology, of a goddess of wisdom.
  2. Giulia 2,67% It is a name of Latin origin and is dedicated to the one who descends from Jupiter or a devotee to him. The name day is May 22nd.
  3. Aurora 2,74% The meaning of the name is "luminous". Aurora has an artistic and very balanced personality.
  4. Alice 1,75% Name of Celtic-Germanic origin, it means "noble and handsome". To remember the protagonist of the famous novel by Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland".
  5. Geneva 1,72% Name of Celtic-Gallic origin, Geneva means "white spirit or genius".
  6. Emma 1,63% Emma means "gentle" and has Germanic-Gothic origins. Who bears this name is a person who combines intelligence and ingenuity with a strong spirit of initiative.
  7. Georgia 1,52% Of Greek origin, this name is related to agriculture and life in the fields. Giorgia's name day is dedicated to Saint Giorgia, Virgin of Clermont, and is on February 15th.
  8. 1,42% Variant of the name Margherita. It should come from the Scandinavian version of Greta or from the German version, i.e. Grete, Gretchen, Gretel and Gretah. The meaning is "pearl", but, figuratively speaking, it means "precious person".
  9. Beatrice 1,42% Of Latin origin, Beatrice is auspicious and dedicated to "the one who makes one blessed and contented". The most famous Beatrice is the one loved and sung by Dante. Nameday to choose between 18/19 January, 13 February or 29 July.
  10. Anna 1,29% Of Hebrew origin, it means: pity, mercy. Nameday: 26th July and 1st September.

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More original male names

The most particular male names

Lupo, Brando, Milo ... these are all Del Paeseni names, but original and rarely used

  1. Noè Name of Hebrew origin. It means: quiet, rest. Nameday: November 18th.
  2. Wolf  From the Latin "lupus". The name day is generally celebrated on July 29 in memory of Saint Wolf of Troyes, a bishop of the XNUMXth century who, according to legend, convinced Attila to spare the city.
  3. Amos Greek origin. It means "strong", "robust". The name day according to the Christian calendar is traditionally celebrated on March 31 in memory of the prophet Amos of the Bible. 
  4. Jago Name that derives from Giacomo or Jacopo. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as James: July 25 or May 3. It is a name of literary tradition, used by William Shakespeare for the main antagonist of Othello.
  5. Brando Germanic name. Contracted form of the name Aldobrando, which derives from hildjo and branda, with the meaning of "shining sword in battle". The name day falls on August 22 or May 1. 
  6. Vasco Spanish origin, it could mean: "inhabitant of the Basque Country" or "inhabitant of Gascony". Nameday on November 1st. 
  7. Norman It comes from old French and means "man of the north". The name is adhespot, that is, it is not carried by any saint. The name day is therefore celebrated on All Saints' Day, which is November 1st. 
  8. MiloOf Germanic origin. Nameday on February 23rd. 
  9. Nino It was born as a shortened form of various names ending with -nino, for example Antonino and Giannino; it also coincides with the Spanish word niño, "child". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st. 
  10. Orlando Germanic name. Meaning: "famous land", or "which gives glory to the homeland". The name day can be celebrated on September 15th in memory of Blessed Orlando. 
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More original female names

The most particular female names

Ondina, Sveva, Aria, Elettra ... are original and little used Del Paeseni names

  1. OndinaIt derives from the name Onda which is a diminutive of names such as Raimonda, Gioconda ... The name is adhespota, that is, it is not carried by any saint, therefore the name day falls on November 1st, All Saints' Day.
  2. Petra Latin name, means stone, rock. Nameday: June 29 or May 31.
  3. Frida  Germanic name. The name day is celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day. To remember with this name the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.
  4. Penelope Greek name: in the Odyssey Penelope was the wife of Ulysses. Nameday: May 5th.
  5. Sveva Name referring to the ancient Swabian people. Name day: 8 September. 
  6. Daphne It comes from the Greek and means "laurel", according to the myth Daphne was a nymph who, in order to escape the god Apollo, who fell in love with her, was transformed into a laurel plant. The name day can be celebrated on 1 November, for the feast of All Saints
  7. Maya Name of Greek-Latin origin, it means "nurse, mother, creator".
  8. Nina It was born as a diminutive of names ending in -nina, such as Antonina, Giannina ...
  9. Isotta It comes from the Celtic and means "protect with iron". Nameday: 2 April: Saint Isolde martyr. Isolde is the name of the protagonist of the myth of Tristan and Isolde.
  10. Violator Name of Latin origins and means "similar to violets". Name day: May 6: Saint Violante Pelletta, Poor Clare nun. 
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