How much does a babysitter cost?

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Families are increasingly faced with a cumbersome problem: who do I leave my child with when I'm not there? If you add to this the difficulty of reconciling the amount of school holidays with only 2 or 3 weeks of parental leave, finding a babysitter becomes a real necessity. This explains the birth of sites entirely dedicated to babysitting such as Nannuka and Le Cicogne.

“Before the advent of the internet, you could find a good nanny on the basis of simple word of mouth, or by going to a specialized agency that found competent babysitters, but for stratospheric fees. Today the best and cheapest way to find a good nanny is the web, ”she explains Nunzia Dell'Erba the only Del Paesena in the staff of Yoopies, a start-up created in 2022 that connects parents and babysitters.

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Even if it seems obvious, let's start by saying that babysitting is a full-fledged job. There is therefore a minimum rate established by law (through a national contract). From a Bs level (worker with more than 12 months experience) to the Cs level (worker with specific professional skills). Each level corresponds to adequate remuneration, which can never be less than 6,02 € the hour for Bs workers e 6,69 € the hour for those Cs.


"In 2022 the average rate request in Del Paese by babysitters is 8,34 euros per hour, compared to € 7,46 in 2022. It is immediately evident that from last year to today there has been a significant increase in prices. Also there is one difference substantial even between North part e South. For example, among the most expensive regions we find the Valle d'Aosta where you pay about 9 euros per hour, compared to Apulia where prices are around 6,96 euros. This is due to the fact that the economic recovery is not homogeneous: in the North it was much more important than in the Center and South of the country. The cost of a babysitter is calculated on average rates published on our website according to the city and the region », emphasizes the manager of Yoopies.


"The increase in rates depends not only on the increased demand for babysitters, but also on the fact that parents have become more demanding in terms of experience and skills" - highlights Nunzia Dell'Erba. For example, the need to find a person who also takes care of help with study and homework.
On the contrary, if the need is occasional, for example for a simple evening out, the babysitter can be hired with an As-level recruitment (without professional experience). Or you can evaluate a payment lump sum using the new family booklet.

The hypothesis of a total payment agreed in advance is also advisable in the case of one holiday or in the management of more children. Logically - in fact - it is unthinkable to reason by multiplying the cost of the hourly wage for each individual child. The ideal would be to be able to find a flat-rate agreement, which takes into account both the number of hours and the workload to which the nanny will be subjected in the management of several children.

Nanny in black what risks?

Precisely in consideration of the high degree of responsibility to which a babysitter is called, the hypothesis of entrusting ourselves to a precarious or irregular relationship should be excluded a priori. "It is always better to prefer employment relationships in accordance with the law both in terms of costs (regular employment relationships allow you to have a fixed price, without the possibility of altering the agreements on remuneration) and in terms of reliability: non-regularized work involves a complete lack of protection in the event of accident», Concludes the representative of the country of Yoopies.

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