How often does the newborn have to pee?

    How often does the newborn have to pee?
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    How often does a newborn have to pee? Is it normal for me to be soaked in pee more than three times a day? There are many questions that new parents ask themselves. The pediatrician responds to the readers of MyModernParents Guglielmo Salvatori, of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Bambino Gesù Hospital in the city.

    “When a baby is breastfed, one way to assess whether he is getting enough milk is to consider how many times he urinates in 24 hours. If he urinates often, at least six times a day, and the urine is clear, it means that he is getting the correct amount of milk. This is why you don't need to weigh it all the time, "explains the doctor.

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    In other words, pee-wet diapers are a good indicator (in addition to color, satisfied appearance after feeding, stools, and of course weight) for assessing the baby's well-being and adequate nutrition. "For this reason it is useful for mothers and fathers to check that the child who is fed only with mother's milk bathes in abundance, at least six diapers a day, and that the urine is clear" reiterates Salvatori. If they appear light yellow, it means that the child is drinking enough, because the color of the urine indicates its concentration. And too concentrated urine indicates insufficient hydration.

    So if your child wets the diaper often, moms and dads must be happy. He means that he eats adequately.

    The amount of liquids it eliminates depends on how many it takes. "So if you pee little, it probably means you don't drink enough milk: the amount of liquids you ingest is less than your needs." But little pee could also be caused by excessive sweating, too much heat in the house or fever, or urinary tract infections. If in doubt, talking to your pediatrician is the best choice.

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