How often should babies and children be washed?

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How often to wash the hair of babies and children

How to wash a newborn's hair safely and how often to wash the hair of babies and children? The rules are related to common sense and are very similar to those of the bath. Let's see together how to proceed.

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Tricks for washing children's hair

Here are some tricks for washing hair for babies and toddlers.

  • La bathroom it must have the right temperature, it must be warm and comfortable;
  • let's fix everything what you need at hand: shampoo, towel, sponge. Remember that at no time can you leave your child alone;
  • wet gently the hair with a little water on the palm of the hand or using a well wrung sponge;
    take some anti-tears shampoo and specific for babies and rub it into the palm of your hand;
  • apply it on the head making sure it reaches the entire scalp;
  • if the child starts to move his hands to take your hand away, hand him a bath toy. You can also reassure him by talking to him softly or singing a song;
  • prevent thewater gets into the eyes. To do this, just use your arms to make the child lean slightly with his head back: in this way the water will not reach the face and will slide backwards;
  • do a massage sweet and light on the head, you can also use a natural sponge;
  • you can also use the sponge to pass the shampoo all over the head;
  • do not keep the baby wet for too long: dry quickly with a soft and wide sponge, with hood.
    The hairdryer should not be used; especially if the baby has little hair: just dry with a soft sponge. Pay attention to dry your ears well;
  • comb the baby's hair with one soft bristle brush: the gentle massage will give him a feeling of well-being.

What products to use to wash baby's hair?

Use one specific shampoo for children with neutral pH which also helps moisturize the scalp. If your newborn has cradle cap you may prefer one oily shampoo which aids in the subsequent removal of scales with a fine-toothed comb. Remember for the first few months it is not necessary to use shampoo: it is fine to use a bath-shampoo for babies or rinse the head with plain water. Never use a generic shampoo intended for adults.

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For each hair its own washing

  • If the child is bald it does not mean that the head should not be washed: the hair will come out and it is still good to keep the head clean;
  • if the child has thinning hair, it should be washed once a week using a mild shampoo;
  • if the child has a lot of hair, perhaps curly that knots easily, you can use a little bit of baby conditioner to untangle it.

Wash the newborn in the first days of life

Until the stump of the umbilical cord the newborns must be washed "in pieces" and the pediatrician will clearly say that you should not take a bath. The appointment with the first bath, therefore, is probably set after a couple of weeks. In the first days, therefore, you will have to wash the baby with a sponge directly on the changing table, passing the sponge on the back, on the arms, under the neck and in the folds, where it sweats more, while the nappy area will be washed with a specific delicate detergent. every change.

With the first bath you can too wash your head, paying attention, as we said, not to let the water get into the eyes. You don't necessarily have to use a shampoo, just warm water or the same product you will use for the bath is fine.

When you wash your hair pay attention to the delicate areas of the fontanelles, pass gently on these areas and do not linger rubbing too much.

How often to wash children's hair

Babies, but also children, shouldn't wash their hair every day - just do it two or three times a week. For older children who practice sports a quick shower after sport is sufficient.

Remember that theAmerican Academy of dermatology recommends not overdoing baths or showers: even washing the skin of children up to 11 years old too many times could cause irritation, flaking, dry skin and redness. This is because the skin is covered with a lipid film that serves to protect it and excessive washing not only spoils this protective film but can also alter the microbiome, that is a whole system of "good microbes".

In addition, the experts point out that it is important to use a mild cleanser, specific for the newborn and children that is not too aggressive.

How to dry your hair

If the baby has thinning hair, that's enough pat them gently with a soft towel.

With children with thicker hair you can use the hairdryer, paying attention to the temperature and distance: the air jet must not be too hot or too close to the baby's head.  


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