How to choose an au pair: strategies and tips

How to choose an au pair: strategies and tips
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How to choose an au pair

Become one host family it is an important step. There are many Del Paesene families who choose to host one at home au pair offering her room and board, and a small monthly wage in exchange for help with the children. It is a choice that must be made carefully, but also with a great desire to get in touch with different languages ​​and cultures. "Au pair, au pair, is a way to allow families and children to experience cultural exchange, to learn about new languages, customs and habits different from their own" he says Silvia Tamaro, director of the Au Pair in & out city association.

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What does au pair mean

Who is an au pair?   "She is not a maid, but a person with whom a cultural exchange is established: it is as if you were hosting the daughter of a friend who lives abroad at home". Au pairs - French translation "au pair" - are girls aged 18 to 25age who wish to make aexperience abroad but entering into the family dynamic. For learn a new language and a new culture choose to live in a family environment, offering their help with children and with small household chores (light jobs). Therefore, it is not a question of female servants, but of older sisters who live the daily family life to all intents and purposes ». Read also: 14 tips to choose (and manage) the babysitter

How to find an au pair

"To host a girl, the family can contact a specialized agency or online classifieds sites. Agencies around the world have contacts with each other as they are registered with the IAPA. After the family's request to host a girl, the agencies they start the research on a worldwide level, through interviews with the girls to understand if they correspond to the family profile ".

Once you have found the right girl - whether through an agency or on online ads - what Silvia Tamaro suggests is create a human relationship. How? Through Skype. It is a very important step: getting to know her girlfriend by looking into her eyes and talking to her and, why not, also to her parents.


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How much does an au pair cost

The family hosting the girl undertakes, based on the hours she devotes to the children, to provide her with a baby weekly pocket money called "pocket money". There is no rule for pocket money, but it varies according to the number of hours required of the girl. Au pairs do not all do the same kind of help around the house, they are divided into four categories.

  1. La tutor: does not receive pocket money, dedicates about 3 hours a day, 5 days a week to children in exchange for room and board. "Usually he has a degree, and it is required by those who already know the foreign language in order to converse."
  2. La Demi - Au Pair: helps with the children about 20 hours a week, receives a weekly allowance between 50 and 60 euro.
  3. L'Au Pair Course: gives help between 25 and 35 hours, and perceives between 70 and 90 euro.
  4. L'Au Pair More: can go up to 48 hours and perceive from 90 120 to EUR.

How hospitality works

After choosing the girl, don't stop keeping in touch with her until she arrives. «The cost of the flight is your responsibility, we invite families to do not send money before arrival of the girl. If they want it, they will be able to pay it back during their stay in Del Paese ». The next steps to take are:

  • Sign a contract At par which seals the agreements (according to the Strasbourg law governing cultural exchange);
  • Find a course of Del Paeseno borne by the girl near your home;
  • Make sure it has the papers necessary to leave. For girls from other EU countries, a valid identity document is sufficient, for those coming from non-European countries, however, it is necessary that they obtain a tourist visa. If the stay is longer than 90 days, they will have to apply to the consulate to obtain a study visa.

What can go wrong?

Negative Au pair experiences they can happen. "The agency protects in case the girl suddenly decides to leave, looking for a replacement."

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