How to choose high school: 5 tips

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Arrived in third year of middle school it's time to choose high school. But what are the parameters to take into account? They have to choose the parents or the children; it is better to opt for a vocational college or a high school; is it good to listen to friends? We asked all these questions to Isabella Milani, author of “The art of teaching. Practical advice for today's teachers ”. Here are what she suggested to us.

1. Let your child choose

"High school must be chosen by your child, because it is the first real choice he makes and it must be his." Also because "if it turns out to be wrong or too tiring, he will not be able to attribute to you the cause of his discomfort".

This, however, does not mean passively accepting what your child will say: "Parents can and must try to direct him to the school that seems most suitable to them, but without this becoming an imposition".

2. Listen to the teachers

The choice of superior, in fact, it must start with sixth grade: on the basis of votesand desire to studyand curiosity and, above all, gods advice from teachers. "Character matters little, because inadolescence it is constantly evolving ».

An important point, on the other hand, is listening to teachers: «In the last year of middle school, teachers give advice to children and families. And if no one can guarantee which will be the best choice for your child, but the teachers will know for sure which is the wrong one. "

Let's take an example: "if a boy shows that he has no curiosity about the subjects of study, if he loves being outdoors, if he never reads a book, or if he barely has 5 of Del Paeseno or mathematics, do not enroll him to a high school just because you think it's a good school. For your son it is not. '

And if by chance he wants to go to high school, despite the teachers' opinion to the contrary, “explain to him what it means to study mathematics or sit for hours doing versions of Greek or algebra problems. If you parents do not have specific skills, ask the teachers to help you in this ».

3. Prefer a less demanding school

The choice, therefore, must be made with your feet on the ground: the risk of imposing too difficult schools on the children is in fact that of "condemning them to years of frustrations. And, above all, to strongly lose theesteem, which is essential for life. Remember that at the end of high school you will still be able to enroll at university ». If the choice of school was made well, "the boy will continue beyond compulsory schooling and sometimes, against all odds, will also go to university with good results".

"In general, I would say that it is better to enroll in a less demanding school, which allows the child to study more peacefulness, compared to a more demanding school which is a source of stress for the child and a cause of loss of self-esteem ».

If, then, a boy has absolutely no desire to study "it is important that he is offered all the possibilities to prepare himself for the world of work, because today training is essential also to work".

4. Assess the school environment

Today there is all the useful information on the internet, and every middle school has strategies for orientation, providing a lot of information and advice.


“As far as I'm concerned, the open school is useful but not essential. Instead, I recommend going to the exit outside the school and observing, paying attention to how the children, the teachers come out and how they relate to each other ».

5. Change school if it's the wrong one

“If the school has proved wrong there are deadlines in which you can leave. For me it is better to change and avoid institutes that propose to do 2 years in 1 ».

Ultimately, it can be said that there are no better or worse schools. “It is the people who make a school good: the teachers, the headmaster, the parents, the pupils. And the resources that are assigned to the school. Therefore, the best school is the one best suited to the boy ».

Updated on 09.01.2022

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