How to cut a little girl's hair

How to cut a little girl's hair
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How to cut a little girl's hair

When you have a little girl at home, the hair cutting is always to be fixed: too long bangs, unruly tufts or a simple trim. Let's see how we can make a cut correctly without resorting to the hairdresser.

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  • Comb your hair
  • Divide into strands
  • The bangs
  • Pay attention to the length


How to cut a little girl's hair

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How beautiful are little girls with long hair! However, you happen to have to give a check or have to adjust the cut. Obviously, the alternative of the professional hairdresser is always ...

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Before the hair cut, shampoo your little girl: to cut hair it must be clean and wet. Prepare a comfortable chair: in the case of a small girl, you can quite a lot Cartoon that will reassure her. Place yourself in a well-lit place and place a towel on the child's shoulders. At the end of the cut, remove the residual hair on the neck and shoulders with a soft brush and finally dry your hair well.


  • A pair of scissors

  • A comb

  • Aciugamano

  • A comfortable chair 

Let's see together all the explanations for cutting a little girl's hair at home. Take scissors and comb: she cuts herself! 

1. Comb your hair

Comb through wet hair until smooth and knot-free. Use the comb to pull the tips well and cut them. Shorten strand by strand. Always compare the length of the strands you have cut with each other. 

2. Divide into sections

Now melt your hair in half, straighten it with the comb and cut it. This hair will have to be a little shorter than the one below: in this way it will fall better. Repeat the same process with the hair on the top of the head as well. 

3. The bangs

To make the bangs, take a strand, using the comb, and create the triangle shape from the forehead. The tip of the triangle will point back towards the nape of the neck. Now divide your hair into small strands and cut under the eyebrows. 

4. Pay attention to the length

Attention: if the hair is dry it tends to shrink. Then cut the hair and especially the bangs, leaving it longer. For the final touch, cut it a few more millimeters into four or five points with the tip of the scissors - it will look more natural. 

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