How to dress the newborn in the summer

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We are in the middle of July and between ups and downs the heat is felt. The doubt rises: choose what to put on newborn in summer it is not always taken for granted. His needs may be different from those of an adult. But how to understand it?

Will the baby be hot? Will he be cold? How to cover it? And at night?

The midwife Caterina Stefanelli of Vita da Ostetrica reveals some secrets to understand how the newborn reacts to summer heat.

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  • The bag for the hospital in the summer
  • The bag for walks
  • How to dress a newborn at home in the summer
  • The summer diaper

1. The bag for childbirth in the summer

Babies who are born in the summer will bring will need a definitely lighter bag for postpartum. Before preparing it, ask the hospital what it advises you to prepare. The ideal would be separate day-to-day changes, consisting of:

  • half-sleeved cotton bodysuit,
  • some long-sleeved bodysuits always in cotton,
  • and a cotton blanket (they also have some in the hospital but it is better to bring it from home, so that it already smells like mom).

“In the wards it is usually quite hot, so dress them in layers already with the bodysuit and a cotton cover it should be enough".

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The cotton muslin blanket, recommended by the midwife, will also be a good ally for the first walks. "If they fall asleep or start blowing a fresh breeze, the breathable cotton cover allows you to wrap them gently without getting too hot."

“The important thing to remember is that infants suffer much more from heat than from cold: obviously standing still, supine, with the back always resting, they sweat a lot more. We usually tend to feel the extremities of the body, but in reality the little hands and feet are always a little colder, precisely because the circulation arrives more slowly in the extremities. To feel if they are really hot you have to touch the back and the nape of the neck. It is important to always have a change behind you because if you notice that your back is too wet with sweat at the touch, you have to change the onesie ».

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When to prepare the bag for the birth?

There is no certain answer, there are those who recommend starting to prepare it from the seventh month, others when you enter the last month of pregnancy.

Generally it is recommended to do the bag for the hospital around 36 37-weeks, so that it is close to the end, but not too close.

2. The bag for walks

In the walking bag it is necessary to have:

  1. Short-sleeved bodysuit in fresh cotton;
  2. Shorts and t-shirts to wear over the onesie, to cover them a little more in case of temperature changes, to be worn if you enter, for example, a shopping mall or a cooler place;
  3. A sun hat;
  4. Total screen sunscreen (to always wear even if it's cloudy);
  5. The cotton cover.
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3. How to dress a newborn at home

At home, a cotton bodysuit is better than naked with a diaper

At home, depending on the temperature (which is good to keep around 20 degrees in winter and not too low in summer, avoiding abusing the air conditioning), it is advisable to always dress them with cotton bodysuit, never naked with only a diaper.

Because? Cotton is breathable and keeps the right heat on and allows you to throw out the excess. The cotton muslin towel has the same principle: if they fall asleep it is good to use it without getting too hot. Cotton socks can be kept close at hand in case they remain still for too long (during a nap) or for late afternoon or evening outings ».

4. The summer diaper

«One thing that happens very often is that during the summer the normal diaper can develop irritation in the intimate area and in the back. Some nappies, even the best ones, are actually not very breathable and therefore not suitable for the summer heat. In this case it is advisable use diapers that have more cotton, which have less absorbency but are more breathable ».

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Questions and answers

Which fabrics to prefer for a newborn?

Choose clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton or linen. They are breathable and leave the skin dry.

How to dress a newborn at night?

The most important thing is to evaluate the baby's temperature, placing your hands on the head and neck: if they are warm it means that our baby is maintaining its temperature.

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