How to dress the umbilical cord scar

How to dress the umbilical cord scar
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Stump and scar of the umbilical cord

After the birth of the baby it is very important not only to take care of and keep clean the "stump" of the umbilical cord, the residual part that remains attached to the baby after cutting, but also the scar which will appear when the cord has dropped definitively.

So let's see how to proceed.

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How to clean the umbilical cord stump

After giving birth, the umbilical cord that has tied the mother to the fetus for nine months will come severed. However, a part - the so-called stump, normally 3-5 centimeters long - will still remain attached to the baby's tummy and must remain so until it becomes dry and does not come off by itself.

The first rules for the care of the umbilical stump is in fact never pull it o try to cut it off before the time. For the 7-14 days required for drying, therefore, it will be very important to keep both this residue of the bead and the surrounding area well clean.

To do this, you will need to follow a few simple steps

  • Always keep the hands well washed with soap and water when washing small and / or manipulating the abutment;
  • Wash the baby underneath lukewarm running water or doing sponging. To avoid immersion in the bath (it could contaminate the stump);
  • To dry adequately the umbilical stump and the area around it;
  • Dress the abutment with a dry sterile gauze;
  • Try to do not compress the stump (therefore it is better to dress the child with clothing that is not too tight);
  • Check at each diaper change that the stump has not got dirty with poo;
  • If the ambient temperature allows it, it would be good keep uncovered the umbilical stump as long as possible in order to let it "take air" and favor its drying.

In a week or two then, the cord it will fall by itself and you will lose a few drops of blood, it will be completely normal. At that point, however, it will be necessary to take care of the scar ...

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What is the umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord (or umbilical cord) is the connecting structure between the circulatory system of the fetus and the placenta. It typically consists of three blood vessels: umbilical arteries, which carry waste substances from the fetus to the placenta, and one umbilical vein, which carries oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the fetus. These blood vessels are surrounded by a gel of extracellular matrix, said Wharton jelly, covered externally by the amnios

How to dress the umbilical cord scar

Once the stump has fallen off, it must be parental concern heal the scar at each diaper change.

To do this, you can use a gauze first slightly soaked in water or alcohol-based disinfectant (chlorhexidine or denatured alcohol), then used for remove the crusts well residuals. The possible presence of encrusted blood near the stump is in fact to be considered normal and should not cause concern.

After this operation, you will have to apply dry gauze to the scar and secure it to the body with a firm but not too tight bandage (the ideal would be to use a mesh bandage).

When the wound will be completely scarred (the process may take a few days) you can remove the dressing and bathe the baby without further complications.

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