How to get children to use public toilets

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How to get children to use public toilets

When you are around children always run away pee-pee, right? And it's not easy to find a place to get her to do it, especially if she's out walking or driving. All the Parentsthen they wonder how letting children use public toilets, because it is not always taken for granted. So here are some tips.

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Public toilets: yes or no

The first question many ask Parents, especially in a period in which you have to pay even more attention to what you touch and the places you frequent, it is precisely if this is the case for letting children use public toilets: Yes, of course! First, most of the bath is sanitized regularly. Furthermore, we must not instill fears in the children: the important thing is to observe the basic rules. Also hold back pee it hurts a lot, and let the children do the needs where it happens is not good education (among other things, it is more complex when it comes to girls). So don't worry unnecessary but follow a few simple rules for teach children to use public restrooms correctly. 

Females and public toilets

When you are talking about females, of course, the situation becomes more complicated. The girls they need to sit down to pee, and often badly accept the fact of having to stay in balance, or the moms they take it upon themselves to hold them by the legs while they do their business so that they do not touch anything, with sometimes disastrous results. 

The best way to do peeing in public restrooms daughters is to teach some tricks: always carry a disinfectant (now we all have a gel in our pocket, right?) and gods handkerchiefs in case there was no toilet paper: clean the toilet seat with gel and paper. If the bathroom is in good condition, nothing happens when you sit on the board, but if you don't trust it then you can apply some paper before letting the girls sit.

But consider two aspects, before you get horrified: the first is that sooner or later they will go to the bathroom by themselves, so it is better to get them used to hygienic practices but also respectful; the other is that if everyone sat down, no one would pee where they happen to be and the environment would certainly be cleaner. If by chance the child is dirty, teach them to clean afterwards, always with gel. 

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Males in public toilets

If you have a son the situation will seem simpler to you, since it does pee probably standing up. If this were not the case, or if she had other needs, the same rules apply as for girls. But beware: when they grow up, let them go to the boys' bathroom, they can do it alone!

Other rules to follow with children in public toilets

When you go to a public bathroom it's not just about avoid germs, But also respect others. Then teach the children to clean before and after the board and possibly the toilet, to always pull the water, to use the sinks correctly. 

Always carry handkerchiefs, gels and wipes with you, even if the water does not work for some reason, or you are for example in a chemical bathroom in the middle of nowhere. After going to the bathroom, it's fine to wash hands properly, not just by rinsing them, but by soaping them for a few minutes. Once finished, they go dry well and, if you have to open another door to get out, better do it with a piece of paper, the sleeve or the elbow. Also to touch the lid or the tablet, it is better to use a piece of paper.

Go to the public toilets with children it does not expose them to who knows what danger, often mothers especially are too worried about hygiene! But respecting the basic rules and teaching children how to behave in public toilets, even taking into account who will go there after, is essential for everyone to live peacefully.

Updated on 11.10.2022

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