How to get pregnant right away

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How to get pregnant right away

Deciding to have a child is an important step for a couple, who from the moment they think about the possibility of having a child would immediately like to see their desires fulfilled. But you know, it's not always so immediate. But there are tips and tricks for get pregnant right away?

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How do you get pregnant

For some couples conceiving is very simple: if you are thinking of I will see a figlio or you are already trying, you have already heard friends tell you about the famous "hit and go". There are those who boast that they have conceived immediately, but it's usually nothing more than luck. In fact, creating life requires particular conditions that do not always arise: it depends on the quality of spermatozoa and oocytes, which very often before trying to have a child is not known; depends on other factors, such as i hormone levels, the moment in which you have intercourse ... In short, there will be a reason why most couples take a little longer than the famous "blow". However, there are some tricks to try to conceive right away.

get pregnant, a healthy sperm must enter the vagina, pass through the fallopian tubes, get to a healthy egg, fertilize it, then go up through the tubes and implant itself in the endometrium. Let's help nature a little!

Get pregnant right away with targeted intercourse

The best way to get pregnant right away is to have it targeted relationships. It may seem trivial to you, but even in the presence of a cycle that seems regular to you, you don't necessarily know exactly what the right time is. And if you have an irregular cycle or suffer from diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, it could even become a lottery. 

The basal temperature method

Take the temperature it's a useful way to understand when you ovulate, but it may take some experience. If you want to try your hand, take your temperature every morning when you wake up, still in bed, inserting a thermometer in your vagina, and mark the result. You will notice that the temperature does not undergo great variations, but when you see it drop from the average, it means that you are ovulating.

The observation of mucus or the Billings Method

Combined with the temperature, the observation of the vaginal mucus allows you to understand when you are ovulating. Under the influence of hormones, in fact, the cycle undergoes variations in the different phases, until it becomes viscous and transparent, like the white of a raw egg, as ovulation approaches. 

The ovulatory sticks 

Another element to combine with the previous ones, you can start using the stick from the end of menstruation onwards: when the dash of theluteinizing hormone (LH) will mean ovulation is imminent or ongoing.

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When and how many intercourse to get pregnant right away

Once they understand when ovulation occurs, many women ask themselves: but how many relationships do I have to have to maximize the chances of conceiving? And when?

As for the frequency, it is actually very personal and there is no rule. Make love when you feel like it, as you know, one sperm is enough! Every day, every other day ... Obviously the more you do it, the more likely you are to find an egg ready to be fertilized, but for this the when is essential: from three days before (sperm survive 3-4 days later ejaculation) per day after ovulation (the oocyte lives "only" 24 hours). 

And it's not true that abstinence the quantity of spermatozoa increases, indeed: the opposite is proven, the more sperm is produced, the more the production will improve.

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Tricks and myths to get pregnant right away

If you want a child right away, there are no tricks to put into practice, but certainly good tips to improve the odds:

  • a healthy diet,
  • a life without stress,
  • regular physical activity,
  • a good sleep,
  • no smoke

these are basic rules that apply to her and him. So, if you are looking for a child, think about these aspects already. 

For positions, special foods, lunar calculations and other myths we can only tell you that nothing is true, unfortunately it is rumors!

Get pregnant right away it is the desire of many women who decide to have a child: but remember that the search can take longer and for this reason the watchword, from the beginning, is no stress!


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