How to make children eat healthy

Good habits are learned from childhood, including the diet that will be followed at the table. It is therefore important that parents always set a good example from the first months of life of the little ones with fruit and vegetables for proper nutrition. Here, former First Lady Michelle Obama also comes to our aid. She, who has always been a champion of good food, who has tried to eliminate "junk foods" from American school canteens, she who has also created a vegetable garden at the White House, arrives on Netflix with Waffles + Mochi. "Let me introduce you to two new friends: their names are Waffle and Mochi," writes Obama on Instagram under a photo of her with two rag dolls. "On March 16, we will launch a new children's show on Netflix called Waffles + Mochi. It's all about good food: discover it, cook it, and of course eat it. These two will take us on adventures around the world to explore new ingredients and try new recipes. . Kids will love it, but I know adults will have a lot of laughs too and have some cooking tips. "

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Tips for making children eat healthy

As first lady, Michelle Obama is committed to her youth health program by creating the famous White House Vegetable Garden to promote healthy eating. In the new program aired on Netflix the two puppets of the same name will become chefs with the help of a flying shopping cart and, of course, Michelle Obama who will play the owner of a supermarket. Famous chefs and celebrities will also appear on the show and advice will be given on how to choose ingredients and how to cook them.

But we too can help our children to eat healthily, trying to set a good example as much as possible, making fruit and vegetables an important part of the day's meals. 

Take them shopping

Before you go shopping, you could write the list together (it can also be a good writing exercise). Most supermarkets start with fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a perfect example for children to see. Make sure that the children can choose with you the fruits and vegetables that attract them most in terms of shape, color and scent

Make meals special

Take some time to sit down at the table together. It must be a beautiful and fun time, where you can chat and tell about your day. Create imaginative dishes, perhaps with strange shapes that you can make with vegetables (two tomatoes can be the eyes, a carrot the nose and some rice can be the mouth)

Arrange together

Get help to set the table. Everyone can have his or her task according to age. The little ones can put napkins, while the older ones can put cutlery and glasses.

Teach the children to cook

Depending on their age, they can start helping you prepare meals in a different way. From the simplest dishes, such as mixing salads, weighing pasta to cutting vegetables.

Have a snack together

For a snack, choose fresh fruit, yogurt, bread and jam. Some children don't like sweets and prefer salty. You could think, for example, of breadsticks with sunflower seeds, bread with olives, focaccias and homemade pizzas.

Put a little on the plate

Don't give too much food on your plate. Getting used to consuming small portions is an excellent defense (to be complemented with a healthy and positive lifestyle) against obesity, which is increasingly common even among children.

Be flexible

You can decide on a special day when they can ask for their favorite dish or a special weekend breakfast. As children grow up they will be increasingly in contact with snacks and ready-to-eat foods. Make sure that at least the feeding is careful at home.

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