How to notice that your period is about to arrive

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Oncoming cycle symptoms

Whether you are looking for a child or not, especially for women who have an irregular cycle, realizing the imminent arrival of menstruation is important. But how is it done? Let's see together which are the most common oncoming cycle symptoms.

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How the menstrual cycle works

First we need to clarify how the menstrual cycle works and when we can talk about delay. The cycle does not always have a fixed duration: for most women it is around twenty-eight days, but for others the cadence is irregular and never respects the timing. A question that may worry if one is not looking for one pregnancy or, on the contrary, bring confusion in the case in which you are looking for a child and you want to have a test. Generally speaking, menstruation comes fourteen day ovulation. It is from this moment, therefore, that we speak of the luteal phase and we begin to have it symptoms of the upcoming cycle

What are the symptoms of the cycle

Symptoms that indicate the arrival of the Menses they can be variable but are usually quite recognizable. They are essentially due to the work of the hormones who set in motion to create the conditions for a possible pregnancy. When there isn't conception, or conception fails, the endometrium it falls apart rather than swelling and thus produces blood loss. 

Here is i most common symptoms of the cycle: 

Breast pain

Il breast pain it is one of the main symptoms that can make us think about the arrival of menstruation. Usually, starting a week after ovulation (but often even earlier, after 3-4 days) the breasts start to feel painful, sensitive nipples. This sensation can also change from one cycle to another due to the influence of hormones but generally, if the pain is scattered and not localized, it lasts all day and worsens when the bra is removed, it represents a rather certain symptom. . 

Abdominal pain

Il stomach ache it generally arrives at the end of the luteal phase, just before the onset of menstruation. It can be small fitte at the height of the ovaries or a more widespread discomfort, similar to that of the actual cycle. It is a less common symptom of breast pain but still present in many women. 

Other pains

In addition to pain in the breast and pelvic area, others often appear: headache, backache (especially in the area lumbar). It might be useful to see if these discomforts always appear before your period arrives, in order to actually classify them as symptoms. 

Changes in hunger 

Many women report having more hungry before the arrival of the period, others still have the nausea or to particularly desire i dessertsThese symptoms are also due to hormonal changes, and if you see these conditions recurring in each luteal phase, pay attention when you feel them again.

Other symptoms to be associated with the arrival of the period

Then there are other less common symptoms but still complained by many women: fatigue, irritability, propensity to cry, increase of sexual deso and spotting. Premenstrual syndrome can have variable characteristics for each woman, so to better understand if your period is coming, it is good to observe for a while what your ailments are, in order to better recognize them next times.

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Symptoms of the cycle and pregnancy

But how to recognize if it is cycle symptoms or pregnancy? It is a question that many women ask themselves, both those who are looking for a child and therefore hope, and those who instead keep their distance. 

In fact, the symptoms of the cycle and pregnancy in its very early stages are identical because the process is the same: after ovulation, the body works in each case to accommodate a fertilized egg. It then begins to produce hormones that thicken the endometrium (progesterone). The real difference can be noticed a short time before the arrival of the period, therefore starting from the eleventh day of the luteal phase: in that case, if there was no fertilization progesterone collapses and symptoms tend to disappear, while in the event of conception the hormones continue to work to accommodate life and the symptoms become even more powerful, also thanks to the beta hCG hormone. But the real symptom of pregnancy isabsence of cycle starting from the fourteenth day after ovulation.

I symptoms of the arrival of your period they are easily identifiable because they relate to discomfort that many women experience, such as breast pain, swelling, irritability and increased hunger. It is enough to observe some luteal phases to be able to recognize them and thus predict the arrival of menstruation with more certainty.



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