How to organize the baby's room

How to organize the baby's room
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The belly advances and the time has come to organize the room for your little one. But how to design spaces and which furniture to put in bedroom? We asked the architect and interior designer Sofia Sarzano, co-founder of Il Piano Perfetto.

La base

«As for tones it is better to prefer neutral ones, both for the walls and for the furniture - explains the architect -. So, make way for colors like beige and yellow and try to stay sober. This is for two reasons, first of all because in this way the room will be able to accommodate another child in the future, perhaps of a different sex, and then because the best thing is that the child himself can customize his room when he grows up. You will give him a base, it will then be he who transforms it into “his” room of his ».

And mobili

As for the changing table, "I always recommend placing it in the bathroom, because it is good for children to understand the relevance of the spaces even when they are very small: in the bathroom you wash, while in the bedroom you play and go to sleep". If the bathroom is too small, you can equip yourself with a changing table with wheels, or opt for one of the wall-mounted ones. To complete the room you will also need a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

How to organize spaces

To better manage the bedroom you need to take into account a few simple rules. «The play area, which will become the study area when the child grows up, should be near a window to enjoy the natural light as much as possible. On the other side of the room, however, the wardrobe should be placed, preferably on the side of the door of the room. The cot, on the other hand, can be placed in the middle of the room with the headboard attached to the wall, in order to physically divide the play space from that of the bed. If the room is small, however, use the long side of the bed to save space. At the beginning, then, it may be useful to bring it closer to the door for convenience ».

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In case of renovation

So far we have talked about how to arrange a ready-made room. «In the case of the renovation of an apartment, however, there is some further reasoning to be done. We must start from the assumption that we are not planning a baby's room, but of a child who will grow up over time. This is why it is good to identify, right away, what the arrangement of the furniture will be. In this way, it will be possible to decide how to arrange the electrical sockets ».

A second very important element is the access to the room itself. "The rule is to position the door 70 centimeters from one of the side walls and to place the wardrobe right next to it, so that the door hides it, creating a dedicated closet area".

Updated on 11.01.2022

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