How to prepare a child to be indoors alone

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La ability to be alone it is, for the child, a very important developmental achievement, one of the most important signs of emotional development.

Since it was born, slowly it has made a long and complex journey towardsautonomy.

A gradual path

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being alone with himself

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From an initial total dependence, over time the child begins to tolerate the absence of parents at various stages of his development, up to independence. "And a little' how to learn to walk: first the child is supported, then he is allowed to take his first steps by being with him and tolerating that he may fall, be careful not to get hurt, until then he becomes skilled and manages to do it alone without help ».

Tips to prepare your child to be alone in the house

The law states that children under the age of 14 cannot be left alone at home, although it is not uncommon for them to start even earlier. However, there are some tips that mothers and fathers can follow to better deal with this step.

1. Assess your child's abilities

Every parent knows their children. Beyond the age, before leaving a child at home alone, it is necessary to consider his capacity for autonomy. «If a child has very afraid of being alone and he enters a state of anxiety means that it is still too early, that he is not yet able to face the moment: then it is better not to force him but to help him to succeed ».

5. Respect what you say

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8. Don't be anxious

Being alone in the house can be an important detachment for the child, but also for the parent. Anxiety is the worst way to experience this moment: "We must tolerate that the child has an autonomy of his own."

How to deal with any problems

Finally, one of the mistakes to never make is to make fun of the little one for his fears. “If at that moment he is distressed about something, he means that he cannot support it; diminishing what the child feels can make the situation worse, hurt him deeply and make him feel ashamed, as well as leaving him alone to manage his frailties ».

What the law says: when a child can stay home alone

Leaving the children alone in the house is a crime if the age of the children is less than 14 years old.

The law and the related penalties are provided for byarticle 591 of the Criminal Code which reads: "Anyone who abandons a person under the age of fourteen, or a person incapable, due to mental or physical illness, old age or other cause, to provide for himself, and of whom he has custody or must take care, is punished with imprisonment from six months to five years ".

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