How to prepare a safe room for the baby

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How to prepare a comfortable bedroom safely

A nice and safe bedroom

They are often seen on the covers of magazines for expectant mothers wonderful bedrooms filled with silk covers and pillows and the loungers are filled with bumper cushions and quilts. Mothers are encouraged to buy these beautiful and soft objects for the new baby, to make him feel more comfortable and to make him have lots of soft objects around. Maybe a cot empty appears to mothers as something bare or sad. But is it really so?

Here are some tips for creating a cute and safe bedroom.

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  • The risks of soft objects for the newborn
  • How to make your baby's sleep safe
  • Ideas for creating a cute and safe bedroom
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The risks of soft objects for the newborn

Sheets and covers can be dangerous

In fact, all of these soft things are fine for adults, but they are very dangerous for the newborn. It has been observed that babies sleep on their stomachs surrounded by soft blankets or pillows they are 20 times more at risk of dying from SIDS compared to those who sleep on their backs in a cot with no soft objects around. There is also the risk that sheets and blankets cover his head or make him run out of air until he suffocates or strangles him. 

How to make your baby's sleep safe

Pay attention to the choice of mattresses and bumpers

I mattresses for the cots they are harder than other types of mattresses for a reason: a harder surface is safer for the baby. When the mattress is soft, the baby's head sinks into it and this can cause him to lack the necessary oxygen. The same can also happen with other soft objects that can end up too attached to the baby's face and block the airways.

I buffer have the same problem if they are soft: children roll against it and can choke. Hard foam bumpers are also a problem as babies can get their heads stuck between the pillow and mattress and suffocate. The ribbons with which these pads are tied to the cot can undo and strangle the baby. Also, these bumpers prevent you from seeing the baby in the crib, so overall there is no reason to use them. The worst thing that can happen is that the baby gets a hand or foot stuck between the bars, which can be annoying but not life-threatening.

Ideas for creating a cute and safe bedroom

How can we then create a cute and cozy bedroom for the baby, without using quilts, soft blankets, pillows and plush?

Here are some ideas that will help you make one cozy bedroom without risks for its safety:

  • Put some cute curtains (without cords, strings and cords) and valances;
  • Put a nice comfortable armchair in the bedroom in which to hug and cradle your baby;
  • Decorate the lower part of the cot with a ruffle of puckered fabric or a ruffle bed cover;
  • Paint the walls with nice colors and, if you are a bit of an artist (or have someone who can do it for you), make a nice colorful design on the wall or use a wallpaper with a nice pattern;
  • Paint the furniture (the shelves for the toys, the bookcase, the changing table, the furniture…) with pastel colors;
  • Put a nice non-slip mat on the floor.

And to keep the baby warm?

For when it's cold there are fleece sleeping bags with arms in which you can put your baby to sleep and there are also lighter versions for mid-seasons. With a one-piece pajamas or an elasticized nightgown inside the sleeping bag, the child will be sufficiently protected from the cold, when it is really necessary, and there will be no risk of getting caught in blankets and sheets and risk suffocating.

Source: sidsDel Paese

Questions and answers

When does the SIDS risk end?

In 90% of cases, the victims of SIDS (cot death syndrome) are children less than 6 months old. As several statistical researches show, the peak of deaths during this first semester is between 2 and 4 months. Starting from the 6th month, the risk gradually decreases, until complete resolution.

What position should the baby sleep in?

The position that the baby has to assume when sleeping is very important: it is not safe to let him sleep on his side because turning around he could find himself with his nose and mouth blocked by the mattress. The baby must always sleep on his stomach, to keep the airways always free.

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