How to teach children about the value of money?

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Like it or not, the "vil danaro" is an extremely important component of the society in which we live and therefore it is essential that a growing child learns the right way value of money and savings.

To satisfy this crucial but sometimes neglected educational aspect, it is not enough to stuff our little ones with generic speeches on the prudence and the need to sweat their earnings or with the model fairy tales "The cicada and the ant".

Children need touch with your hand, to experience, to be the first actors in their own learning about saving!

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Of all this and some experts spoke during an interview with theHuffington Post:

"The money-related discourse is similar to a" contact sport, "he said Chris Whitlow, CEO of financial consulting firm Edukate - It's like studying football theories academically and then going out and playing it for real. The act of reading and the act of playing are two very different things ».

For this the advice of the experts is to involve our children as much as possible talk about the maintenance and financial situation of the family, encouraging them to ask questions and to take an interest in the matter.

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This is the money they do not remain an abstract concept which only comes into play when mum or dad opens their wallet to buy a toy, but they turn into a something concrete which requires attention and must be treated with some seriousness.

Of course, the important thing is to always keep a understandable language (no financial terms that are too complicated, yes to many examples) and do not burden the children with any financial worries.

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Education, management ... and solidarity

Following such an approach, why not allow the little ones (after a right age) to let them handle a few small amounts?

"Cash is a tangible object - he explains Gwen I came, founder and artistic director of Brain Arts Productions - you see that it is there and a moment later it is gone ».


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Testing for yourself the "volatility" of money is therefore a great way to develop a sense of prudence which will surely come in handy once they grow up.

But what if we don't want our little ones to handle real money yet? You can still use a little creativity: Whitlow, for example, used gods fake money with the faces of the children imprinted that allowed them to earn some prizes!

Understanding the actual value of money also helps to realize that not everyone has access to the same possibilities and that therefore money can also be transformed. a tool to help others.

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