How to teach children colors

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«We can start talking about colors with children from their first year of life, but the concept is totally assimilated towards the age of two and a half, "he explains Pamela Fragale, an expert early childhood pedagogist, from the Parent Consultancy studio.

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How to teach small children colors

“In the beginning, one can proceed with a very simple approach. Flip through a book and point to the figures by describing their color aloud: for example,

  • "here is the red roof",
  • "the sun is yellow".

The child will not learn the tones, but will begin to insert words in his internal vocabulary, associating a sound with an image ».

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Games to teach colors


Towards the age of two, the work changes. «It becomes possible to make gods educational games, both at home and in the nursery. Take some baskets of different colors and tell the children to put all the red objects in the red basket, in the blue one, all those of that color, and so on ».

Babies at the nursery

In kindergarten the game can also be proposed in periods, "You can have the month of red, that of yellow, and then conclude it with a nice party in which all the children are dressed in the same color." Another useful activity is to «use colored bricks, asking the little ones to make towers all of the same color».

«The important thing is that the relationship with colors is objective and not conceptual. And that their learning takes place through activities in movement: the more we create movement, in fact, the more the little ones will learn ».

TEST: Tell me what color you like and I'll tell you who you are

That's why, i theme games on smartphones and other technological devices (which however are to be used with great caution at this age) cannot be considered valid alternatives.

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Another good idea is to learn color rhymes for children of all ages.

If they are wrong and color blind

In case of errors, «we send back the exact color. If they say "it's yellow", we calmly respond by saying the correct color. Don't be alarmed though, because it's very early to talk about colorblindness. This phenomenon, in fact, can occur with more certainty around three to four years of life ».

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