How to use the fireplace safely

How to use the fireplace safely
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Fireplace in safety

In the house, nothing creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere like watching the fire in the fireplace, with the family gathered around the hearth on long winter evenings. But we must remember that playing with fire is dangerous for children, so here are some simple tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics for safe fireplace use.

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15 safety rules for the fireplace

  1. If possible, keep a window open (tilted) while the fireplace is on.
  2. Make sure that the flue is working correctly and that it is not obstructed, so as to ensure smoke draft.
  3. Use well-aged, dry wood. Damp or green wood causes more smoke and contributes to the accumulation of soot in the chimney. Dry wood burns more evenly and produces less.
  4. Smaller pieces of wood placed on a grill burn faster and produce less smoke.
  5. Clean the ash already present. A thick layer of ash limits the air destined for the wood, causing more smoke.
  6. The fireplace must be checked annually by a professional.
  7. It is important to check for animal nests or possible obstructions that could prevent smoke from escaping.
  8. Make sure the area around the fireplace is free from anything potentially flammable (e.g. furniture, curtains, newspapers, books, etc.). If these objects get too close to the fireplace or if a piece of wood "pops" and generates sparks, they could catch fire.
  9. If the gas fireplace is switched on with a wall switch, use a gate or cover the switch to prevent the child from inadvertently turning on the fireplace.
  10. Never leave the fire unattended in the fireplace. Make sure it is completely off before going to bed or leaving the house. If you leave the room while the fire is on or the fireplace is still warm, take your baby with you.
  11. Minimize your baby's chances of sunburn. You can install safety screens to reduce the risk of burns.
  12. Put tools and accessories for fireplaces out of the reach of children. Also, remove any lighters and matches.
  13. Install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries at least once a year.
  14. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  15. Communicate the dangers of fire and fires to children as soon as possible.

    Fonte: American Academy of Pediatrics
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