Hydrocortisone ointments

    Hydrocortisone ointments

    Hydrocortisone ointments (trade names of Hydrocortisone Foil ointments, Dermint)

    What is that Hydrocortisone is a milder acting cortisone than other types of cortisone and for this reason it is particularly suitable for children.

    When it is indicated Hydrocortisone can be applied in case of eczema, to reduce the immune response of the skin that causes the allergic reaction, or on irritated skin following insect bites, erythema, minor burns, hives, to calm itching and redness.

    How it applies Only on the lesion, a couple of times a day, for limited periods of time, to avoid developing a sensitivity towards the drug. Like all cortisone, hydrocortisone can cause side effects, ranging from skin rash to the risk of systemic absorption, although with local therapies it is a very rare event; in any case, bear in mind that absorption on the face is greater than in other parts of the body.

    when not Cortisone alone is contraindicated if a skin infection is present, which may worsen rather than improve since hilus cortisone reduces the immune system response. For this reason, even if they are over-the-counter drugs, they should only be used on medical advice.

    (Consultation by Clavenna, researcher at the Laboratory for Maternal and Child Health of the Mario Negri Institute in our city)

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