Hyperemesis gravidarum: when vomiting does not go away

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Sometimes it can happen: vomiting does not go away even after the first trimester, it gets worse. It is thehyperemesis gravidarum, a nuisance that can turn into a problem. If at the beginning of the pregnancy fight with the nausea and very often you have to run to the bathroom for a little romantic tête-à-tête with the toilet, you can blame him: thehormone beta-HCG, the one that makes the test become positive pregnancy, but which at the same time gives some disturbance.

THEhormone it reaches its peak between the eighth and the tenth week, a period in which it is more frequent to suffer from nausea and / or He retched, very common annoyances, but that need not worry: yours gynecologist will reassure you that they are not linked to a bad performance of the pregnancy.

In about half of the cases the nausea It is accompanied by vomiting. The disturbances should subside and disappear between the twelfth and sixteenth week, by the first quarter, In short. But this is not the case for all women.

THEhyperemesis gravidarum is characterized by vomiting persistent. It affects about 0,5-2 percent of women pregnant and it is very disabling. There cause remains unknown, but epidemiological studies have revealed that young women with a previous history of hyperemesis gravidarum. Additionally, diabetes, depression, thyroid disorders, and gastrointestinal pathologies are also considered risk factors.

The duration of the symptoms varies and, often, their severity requires the recovery in hospital (it also happened to Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, remember?). It is indeed necessary rhydration women, with water, sugars, minerals and vitamins. In most cases, they are administered through drip.

In the less important forms, the most common treatments against the vomiting and whose efficacy and lack of harmful effects on the fetus have been studied, are the Vitamin B6, the antihistamines (which, however, can cause drowsiness), lo ginger,acupuncture andacupressione in point P6 of traditional Chinese medicine (the point is located about three fingers from the wrist, internally, and the common bracelets for motion sickness, available in all pharmacies, are applied).

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