Hypnosis during labor, one more weapon to manage pain

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The news in Del Paese often comes from overseas and from countries that are a little faster in transforming abstract ideas into innovative proposals. We, partly by vocation, partly by historical tradition, are more reluctant to experiment and yet a surprise comes right from the delivery room: hypnobirthing, a form of hypnosis during labor, also lands in Del Paese.

What is Hypnosis During Labor

By hypnosis we mean a particular psychophysical state, of a dynamic and non-static nature, with modifications of consciousness similar to those of sleep and with a prevalence of the representative-emotional functions over the critical-intellectual ones.

Far from the filmic conception of amulets and pendulums, hypnobirthing has fully entered many British hospitals. Hypnotherapist midwives teach pregnant women to control the mind and lead thoughts and body towards a state of great relaxation. So what do future mothers need to embark on this journey? Motivation and an open mind attitude.

What is prenatal hypnosis?

Prenatal hypnotherapy is not a form of deep meditation, but it is a lighter hypnosis with which the pregnant woman listens to her body, becomes aware of it. An operation that especially helps to manage the anxiety of childbirth.

What Happens During Hypnosis in Labor

The expectant mother will not go into a trance or deep sleep; what will change instead will be the way of perceiving pregnancy and, specifically, the long-awaited (often negative) moment of labor: the calm that derives from the use of this technique would help to breathe better, allowing good oxygenation and keeping the adrenaline levels. According to hypnobirthing experts, this state of relaxation facilitates the production of oxytocin and endorphin, birth hormones.

How hypnosis is done in labor

This unusual method, which can also involve the partner, can be self-induced by the woman (i.e. with self-hypnosis) or caused by an operator who explains the correct breathing, relaxation and imagination to be used during all stages of childbirth. Usually there are meetings that gradually teach the woman how to approach labor without fear: a real training of lucidity with exercises and workouts.

During the preparation, therefore, both parents can learn to isolate the painful sensations, to fragment them to the point of detachment, to move them out of their body or negative situation and make them neutral.

What are the benefits of hypnosis in labor

Some international researches have confirmed that a conscious trance level affects the physiological parameters and consequently the psychophysical well-being of the individual: the frequency of the brain waves is changed, the heart rhythm slows down, the pressure is reduced and, in general, the organism regenerates itself.

Hypnosis is therefore a perfect technique to allow the mother and the unborn child to experience a natural and peaceful birth, in which not only the pain is managed on more than one level, conscious and unconscious, but the safety of one's body and the confidence acquired. they would cancel the negative conditioning by decreasing the perception of pain. Thus the physiological processes of dilation of the cervix and expulsion of the child would be facilitated by the muscular relaxation induced by the state of trance; even the times of childbirth would therefore be shorter.

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