I am leaving anonymously: it is possible. Here's how it works

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In the city yesterday a child, Luigi, was left in the thermal cradle in front of the church of San Giovanni Battista in the Poggiofranco district. The baby is fine and a note "Mom and Dad will always love you" was found with him. But yes can give birth anonymously?

What does the law provide? Let's do some clarity.

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I am leaving anonymously, how it works

The birth of a baby is an extraordinary event for a woman. However, not all are able to accept this change. For different reasons. When a future mother he doesn't want to welcome this child into his life or he doesn't feel like it, he has an alternative. This is what the law provides.

The latest episodes in the news

Baby left in the city in the thermal crib with a note: "Mom and Dad will always love you" 

Yesterday morning a newborn was abandoned in the city. The baby was left inside the thermal crib along with a note that reads "Mom and Dad will love you forever" and the name Luigi. The baby is fine and has been taken to the Neonatology ward of the Polyclinic of the city. 

Newborn found in Brescia

May 2022. A newborn of 7, maximum 10 days was found in the center of Brescia in an egg. The little one is fine. The mother was later identified: she already had 5 children.

Turin, newborn left and then found lifeless

May 2022. A small boy wrapped in a towel full of blood and found on the ground by a garbage man. The alarm, the rush to the Regina Margherita pediatric hospital in Turin. Everything useless. The little boy did not make it, due to his injuries. Less than 24 hours after the discovery, the turning point. The baby's mother confessed: it was she who threw the baby from the second floor balcony immediately after giving birth, with the umbilical cord still attached.

The woman may decide to give birth safely in the hospital and not recognize the baby

"In the hospital, at the time of the birth, it is necessary to guarantee the utmost confidentiality, without guilty judgments but with adequate and effective interventions, to ensure - even after discharge - that the birth remains anonymous - they explain on the website of the Ministry of Health. who does not recognize and the newborn are the two subjects that the law must protect, understood as distinct persons, each with specific rights. The law allows the mother to not to recognize the child and to leave him in the hospital where he was born (Presidential Decree 396/2000, art. 30, paragraph 2) so that assistance and also its legal protection are ensured. The mother's name remains a secret forever and in the birth certificate of the child it is written "born of a woman who does not allow her to be named".

The immediate adoption of the child

"The immediate reporting to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Juvenile Court of the situation of abandonment of the unrecognized infant allows the opening of an adoptability procedure and the prompt identification of a suitable adopting couple". The newborn thus guaranteed the right to grow up and be educated by a family and assume the status of legitimate child of the parents who adopted him. Also in this case, in any subsequent communication to the judicial authority, elements identifying the mother must be omitted.

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According to the art. 28 of Law 2001 n. 149 the adopted person has the right to access, under certain conditions and with a certain procedure, information regarding the identity of the biological parents. Access to this information though "it is not allowed if the adopted person was not recognized at birth by the natural mother and if even one of the biological parents has declared that he does not want to be named, or has given consent to the adoption on condition of remaining anonymous ".

The mother will therefore remain anonymous.

Childbirth in anonymity and possible afterthought

"The mother who has particular and serious reasons that prevent her from formalizing the recognition, can apply to the Juvenile Court where the procedure for the declaration of adoptability of the newborn is open, a period of time to provide for recognition ".

In this case, the suspension of the adoptability procedure is envisaged for a maximum period of two months and in this period of time the mother must continuously maintain the relationship with the child. The recognition can be done by the parent who is over 16 years old.

"In the case of a mother who is not yet sixteen, and therefore unable to obtain recognition, but who wants to take care of the child, the adoptability procedure is also suspended ex officio until the child reaches the age of 16, provided that the minor, adequately cared for, has a continuous relationship with the mother ".

And if you don't give birth in the hospital

It may also happen that you choose to give birth at home and not in the hospital. Also in this case it is possible to leave the baby safe, without anyone ever knowing who the mother is. Just bring it in special cots, a modern version of the medieval "Wheel of the Exposed". They are often found near hospitals, parishes or convents.

As you can read on the website culleperlavita.com, which also has a map of the cribs in the country, these counters are always open. There is a button. Just press it, wait for the opening, let go of the baby. Once you leave the room, it will close to secure the baby and the staff who supervise the crib will take care of him. using the procedure adopted for unrecognized infants.

To find out more, the website of the Ministry of Health and giving birth anonymously

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