I am pregnant, who do I tell and when?

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First thing: if you don't feel ready yet, you don't have to tell anyone you're expecting a baby. But if you have decided to do so, prevent future grandparents from learning from others that a grandchild is on the way and your boss to hear from rumors. The classic sequence: break the news

  • to the future dad,
  • then to the grandparents,
  • to close friends,
  • to the boss (maybe after the twelfth week)
  • and to all the others after.

Why wait 12 weeks?

And why the 12-week term as a watershed? Because after the first three months the risk of a miscarriage decreases a lot. Many women wait for this deadline to give the good news because they want to keep everyone from asking how their pregnancy is going if something goes wrong.

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Work: what tasks are prohibited during pregnancy?

The law protects the safety and health of workers from the beginning of pregnancy up to the age of seven months of the child.

  • In that period it is forbidden to use the worker for transporting and lifting weights, for dangerous, tiring and unhealthy jobs (for example, those that expose to asbestosis and silicosis or ionizing radiation, etc.). The worker must be assigned to other duties, if this is not possible she has the right to anticipate the period of compulsory leave and / or its extension;
  • from the ascertainment of the state of pregnancy and until the child is one year old, night work is prohibited (from 24 to 6). The employer cannot oblige the working mother (or alternatively the father) with a child under the age of three to perform night work; the worker (or worker) who is the sole custodial parent of a cohabiting child under the age of 12 or who has a dependent person with a disability.

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