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Are you terrified of childbirth? Then we advise you to read the 'twitter' on Twitter of Fi Star-Stone, a new mother of Stafford, who to 'promote' the joys of natural childbirth without pain relievers and without epidural sent continuous updates during labor and immediately after. the birth of the second son Oscar (the first twenty minutes after birth). The news was reported by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

“I've been a nurse for 19 years and mothers-to-be have always told me how afraid they are of pregnancy and childbirth,” explains Fi Star-Stone, 34, who is a lifelong nurse and runs the parenting site www. childcareisfun.co.uk.

So I wanted to 'show them the positive side of natural childbirth and show that it can be done even without pain relievers, by continuing to send tweets all the time. "

Hundreds of people (including two VIPs) followed Fi Star-Stone's labor and delivery. The woman is having her second child. The eldest daughter Betsy was born a year ago, always with a home birth.

The tweets of labor and birth

3 am: the contractions started at 2,30! The little one has decided to be present at his little sister's birthday next Saturday!

4 am: me and my decision not to take painkillers! It would take a nice glass of Vodka!

5 am: Hello dear ones! Hubby thinks I'm crazy to keep tweeting you but he actually helps me between contractions. I will try to do it while I can. So much pain.

6 am: I hug little one-year-old Betsy between contractions! Difficult but exciting!

7 am: slower contractions… but still strong

12.25 (last tweet before birth): still in progress, dear ones. Still no pain relievers!

4 pm: Meet Oscar John Michael Victor Stone. Thanks for your support. I'm broken and in pain but the happiest mom in the world.

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