ICSI: testimonies and stories

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ICSI: testimonials

When a child is sought and is late in arriving, one of the thoughts is: "And now, what are we going to do". After the proper checks and tests, your doctor might suggest ICSI, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI accounts for nearly half of all in vitro fertilization today. Before the ICSI, men without sperm could not procreate. . Since ICSI success rates are often higher than "classical" IVF, ICSI is always used as part of the procedures in centers in some countries. We have collected the stories and evidence of mothers and fathers on ICSI.  

How ICSI works

In ICSI one sperm single is injected inside the cytoplasm (the gelatinous substance that surrounds the nucleus) of a single egg. The egg is penetrated with a microscopic needle and the sperm injected so that fertilization takes place in vitro. The resulting embryo is then implanted in the uterus.

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  • Naturally pregnant after an ICSI course
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Pregnant thanks to ICSI

Thanks to ICSI I am a mother

I became a mother thanks to ICSI. In the end it worked out for me, now I have a 22 month old daughter, I still can't believe she is mine when I look at her. Our journey with ICSI  

I got pregnant thanks to ICSI

I met my husband in 2003 and after 6 years of engagement we got married in 2009. I had planned everything in my life, work, home, marriage and ..... A child ... Or rather two! We began to get down to business, and every month I hoped it was the right one. From the tests we did, it turned out that my husband's sperm analysis was a disaster.

We went to the meeting in the clinic and they told us that the only solution was to do an ICSI.

My testimony with a happy ending

Me, pregnant thanks to ICSI

It all started in 2007 when I was 23 and my husband 26 and after 4 years of happy marriage we decided to expand the family, to see children running around the house, to see their smiles .... but after months of trying nothing happened . I felt inside me that something was wrong ... so young and after a year and more nothing changed ... So, driven by courage, I went to have myself checked because I could have been the problem ... but it didn't. I was my husband ...

Our child born with ICSI, the story

Naturally pregnant after an ICSI course

Naturally pregnant after many unsuccessful attempts

At the last unsuccessful icsi, I told my husband (who had always supported me, giving me the freedom to continue as long as I felt the need), that it was time to stop, wait a bit and dedicate ourselves to something else. He supported my decision and .... The following month I got pregnant spontaneously! Read the testimony  

I am the happy mother of an adopted child and a child who has reached 41 years of age

I am the happy mother of a wonderful adopted child and a beautiful child who was born when I had lost hope at 41. I had to go through IVF, ICSI, five abortions before coming to this and every day I thank the Lord for these two huge gifts that he has given me. I would like to urge all those couples who want a child to try all possible ways, including adoption. Our history   

Pregnant in Spain after many attempts

My testimony is for all those couples looking for a baby. Don't lose hope. I assure you that it is a difficult world apart and with many doctors who take advantage of it, because they want money, money, money ... But we have succeeded and we hold our three-month-old puppy in our arms.

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