Ideas for children's happiness

The contribution of the psychologist, Anna Oliverio Ferraris ... Any ideas for children's happiness? A playful but very serious manifesto of opposition

It is difficult to speak in a few lines of such a complex and varied reality as a 'happy growth', which in part also depends on the children themselves, on their temperament, and not only on adults.

I decided to offer - and thus condense - about twenty points for reflection on how the ideal environment should be for raising happy children through a game of oppositions.

More affective warmth and less tension;

more presence and less distance;

more optimism and less negativity;

more attention and less overprotection;

more firmness and less hardness;

more listening and less indifference;

more dialogue and less dogmatism;

more serenity and less anxieties;

slower and less haste;

more spontaneity and fewer superstructures;

more child and less tissue;

more coherence and less compliance;

more values ​​and fewer gifts;

more respect for development times and less intrusiveness;

more age-appropriate autonomy and fewer unjustified restrictions;

greener and less concrete;

more movement and less sedentary lifestyle;

more games and less TV;

more culture and less trash;

more assets and less liabilities;

more group games and fewer commercials;

more healthy foods and fewer snacks;

more fun and less worries ...

psychologist and psychotherapist, lecturer in developmental psychology at the La Sapienza University of the city, directs the magazine Contemporary Psychology (Giunti) and has been collaborating for years with specialized magazines ("Vita Scolastica", "La scuola dell infanzia", ​​"Vita dell 'childhood "," Prometheus "). He has written on the pages of Corriere Salute and continues to occasionally contribute to newspapers and magazines. She is the author of numerous successful essays, which appeared for Bollati Boringhieri, Rizzoli, Laterza, Raffaello Cortina and Giunti Editore. Among her latest works, the very recent "Fathers to the rescue. Raising a son today" and, together with her daughter Albertina Oliverio, "A barefoot in the green. Playing to learn to live" (both published by Giunti Editore).

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