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Whip the cream by gradually adding the icing sugar. Once done, add the yogurt mixing gently.

Then take the sponge cake and cut out the preferred shape, which can be comfortably stacked one on top of the other.

Prepare water and mint, adding more or less syrup according to your taste.

Dip the pieces of sponge cake in the water and mint, just like you usually do with ladyfingers and coffee. Place the first piece on a saucer, cover with the cream, sprinkle with cocoa and chocolate flakes and continue with another layer in the same way.

The extra advice. If you don't particularly like the note of yogurt, you can replace it with mascarpone, more similar in this way to the traditional tiramisu cream, even if always without eggs.

The authors of the recipe and the photos

Miralda Colombo, journalist and blogger, has a mission for mymodernparents.com: to develop recipes for healthy and complete dishes that appeal to children and adults alike. Miralda has a blog www.ilcucchiainodialice.com born on the occasion of the weaning of her daughter Alice and which gave rise to the children's cookbook "The spoon", ed. Gallucci.

Cevì (Cecilia Viganò) is an artist, photographer and illustrator graduated from the Brera Academy. She takes photos and illustrates Miralda's dishes to show mothers that with a touch of creativity and imagination even the simplest recipes can become tastier. Because the eye also wants the part of her.

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