Incorrect advertisements put babies' health at risk

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Do advertisements for cribs and infant beds always show proper management of the baby's needs? Not really to hear from Dr. Bradley Toxter, lead author of research at the University of Alabama, who has found potentially fatal errors in many images designed for promotion to the general public.


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The study, also published in the journal Pediatrics, took into consideration almost 1800 advertisements in magazines in 1992, 2022 and 2022 and the situation found was not the most reassuring: despite significant improvements over time, 34% of these advertisements did not follow the basic rules to reduce the risk of infant death, often and willingly portraying babies in unsafe positions or with too many objects in the crib. 40% also showed the child that he slept on his stomach, an element that proved very frequent, especially if the immortalized baby was part of an ethnic minority.

In fact, for total safety, the little ones they must be put to rest on the back, possibly without any toys or pillows in the cot.


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"It is important that certain product companies, advertisers and manufacturing industries worked together to educate parents or caregivers to make babies sleep as safely as possible," says Dr. Toxter. publicity should also encourage new parents to follow safety guidelines starting from the use of their product ".

In addition to the correct sleeping position it is useful to remember that:

  • Dresses should not be too tight or too loose
  • It is best not to use too many blankets or pillows in the crib
  • Toys and soft toys must not be placed in the rest area
  • Never smoke around the baby
  • It is best to use products with brands that certify their quality

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