Indian names for boys and girls

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Indian names for babies

The choice of the name is always a challenging time for future parents: please the relatives? Pay homage to those who are no longer there? Inspired by a movie or maybe a season? Today we help you by giving you some more ideas with a list of Indian names for babies.

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Why a foreign name

I nomi del paeseni are for many now too common: there are those who do not give up giving the name of their father or mother, especially in some regions of the country, there are those who let themselves be carried away by mode and therefore in certain periods there are only Giulia, Sofia, Leonardo or Giovanni. And there are those who instead want to stand out and for this they seek inspiration from distant cultures, choosing names that someone else will hardly have. If you are part of the latter category you are in the right place!

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Indian names

In Del Paese and many other countries the names are often linked to the saints, and therefore have historical significance. In other cultures, however, the names have instead deep meanings which are also a wish for the unborn child. India surely it is part of those cultures where naming a child is somehow bless him with a message of hope that may depend on the moment in which it was conceived, on the family, on the historical period. In short, if you choose an Indian name for your child make sure you know what it means!

Indian names for females

I female names of Indian origin there are really many, but we have made for you a selection of the most beautiful and easiest to use in the country. 

Adhya: powerful woman

Aalia: which holds a high social position

Adhira: strong, fast

Alisha: of a noble nature

Arya: noble

Arundhati: Morning Star

Bimala: pure

Chandani: star, moonlight

Chandra: moon, shining

Dayita: someone who is loved

Denali: the big

Eta: shiny

Garima: proud 

Indira: beauty

Kamya: deso

Mahika: Land

Meena: pearl 

Naira: sparkly

Ridhi: prosperity

A supportive: tranquility, but also splendor, fame and night

Indian names for males

If instead you wait for a male, let yourself be conquered by one of the many names full of meaning and well-wishers who come from India. We suggest you some. 

Adriel: which belongs to God

Aditya: sun, God of the sun

Ahmed: the most praised

Bachra: joy

Devansh: part of God

Dhruva: constant

Haroon: hope

Hritik: that comes from the heart

To: God, like a God

Ishan: God of well-being and wealth

Kalu: young sovereign but also a dark-skinned boy

Bead: gem or ruby

Pattern: month

Neev: foundations

Rahul: son of Buddha but also efficient 

Treatment: composer

Rishi: Ray of light

Can: happiness

Yamir: month

Choose an Indian name for your little girl or baby it is a particular choice that will distinguish her or him for a lifetime!

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