Is giving birth to a boy more painful?

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Having a baby boy may be more painful for the mother. This was found by a study, published by the journal Pediatric Research in 2022, carried out at theUniversity of Granada in collaboration with the Clinical Hospital Saint Cecilius in Granada in Spain: The researchers, after analyzing the births of 56 women, concluded that mothers who gave birth to girls had suffered less than mothers who had children.

In particular, to conduct this research, the scientists worked with a sample of 56 healthy pregnant women, of which 27 gave birth to males and 29 females at the Clinical Hospital of Granada.

The scholars further stated that, after taking blood samples, those of mothers of girls showed the presence of a high level of antioxidants, able to provide greater benefits at the time of delivery.

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Is giving birth to a boy more painful?

It seems, therefore, that although all women experience the same level of stress due to fears - which are very natural - of the pain of labor, mothers who give birth to girls can calm down more than mothers of boys and first manifest a decrease in the pains of childbirth.

Research has shown that newborn girls and their mothers cope more effectively with the stress of childbirth compared to infants and their mothers, revealing a clear association between infant sex, oxidative process, and inflammatory signaling.

Julio José Ochoa Herrera and Javier Díaz Castro, of the Physiology Department of the UGR, said: "This opens up an interesting field of research that focuses on the sex of the newborn as a risk factor for various functional alterations, with important implications for hope. of life and on the development of pathologies in their future life ".

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