Isle of Dogs, 10 curiosities from the new stop motion animated film

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In a world where sprawl is not about people, but about our furry domestic friends ... what could possibly happen? What if a terrible and mysterious "canine flu" also worsens the situation?

We are in 2037, in a Japanese city, and all the dogs in the country are segregated on an island destined to collect waste. Twelve-year-old Atari Kobayashi doesn't stay there and heads to the Isle of Dogs to go in search of his guard dog Spots, who has mysteriously disappeared. He will be helped in his mission by a group of mixed breed dogs, tired of their condition.

Isle of Dogs: backstage images

Isle of Dogs, a stop motion animated film, was written, directed and co-produced by Wes Anderson and will be featured in our rooms starting May 1st.


Isle of Dogs: images from the set of the stop motion animated film

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Backstage images from Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs stop motion animated film. In cinemas from May 1st.

Here are some curiosities, in numbers, from the film

  1. The film was shot in 445 days
  2. The crew was made up of a total of 670 people which also includes the people who sculpted and modeled all the puppets.
  3. There are 850 scenes in this movie. In 76 there are 2D animations and also stop motion
  4. It took 144.000 frames to cover the 100-minute length of the film
  5. The longest scene in the film is the Capo golf course monologue. It lasts 80 seconds (1929 frames)
  6. The scene that took the longest to animate lasted 107 days. It took three different animators to do it and supervisor Brad Schiff
  7. The largest set was 9 meters long. The smallest was as big as an iPhone
  8. 1097: is the total number of puppets made. over 500 humans and 500 dogs
  9. It took about 16 weeks to make the puppet of each leading animal
  10. Each human character had 53 faces sculpted with different expressions. Each with 48 different mouths to carry out the dialogues

The official trailer in Del Paeseno

The plot

In the future 2037, the uncontrolled growth of dogs and the spread of a mysterious "dog flu" forces the mayor of the city of Megasaki, in the Japanese archipelago, to adopt a drastic emergency measure: to quarantine all the dogs in the country, segregating them on an island destined to accumulate waste and garbage. Following the disappearance of his watchdog Spots, a XNUMX-year-old named Atari Kobayashi heroically hijacks a small airplane and flies it to the Isle of Dogs. After the abrupt landing, he is rescued by a handful of mestizos, willing to do anything to escape the depressing condition in which they find themselves.

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Moved by the boy's courage and devotion to his lost pet, Chief (original voice by Bryan Cranston), Rex (Edward Norton), Boss (Bill Murray), Duke (Jeff Goldblum) and King (Bob Babalan), yes they undertake to protect him from the men who chase him and escort him on the dangerous journey that will decide the fate of the entire Prefecture.

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