It is forbidden to give birth on February 12th

The first national strike of gynecologists and midwives was proclaimed for 12 February. Scheduled deliveries (except in emergencies), examinations and visits, in public and private hospitals will be blocked. The cuts in health care and the medico-legal dispute have reached "unsustainable levels" under accusation.


The strike is called by the main trade associations: Del Paeseni Hospital Obstetricians Association (Aogoi), Del Paesena Society of Gynecology (Sigo), University Gynecologists Association (Agui), Federation of Medical Managers (Fesmed), Association of Territorial Gynecologists (Agite), Del Paesena Society of Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound and biophysical methodologies (Sieog) and the Del Paesena Association of obstetrics (Aio).


The first national strike of the delivery rooms - called by the associations of gynecologists and obstetricians for February 12 - According to the unions that have called it, there is a risk of blocking the activity of all Del Paeseni birth centers: therefore, no scheduled Caesarean deliveries and induction of scheduled deliveries, for a total of approximately 1.100 estimated interventions that will have to be postponed or anticipated.


The abstention from work will concern, in addition to the hospital birth points of the National Health System, also family clinics and out-of-hospital obstetric clinics. Not only that: except for emergencies, which will be guaranteed, the black-out will also affect the activity of the consulting rooms and obstetric clinics where clinical examinations, specialist visits and ultrasounds will not be carried out.


At the base of the protest, the associations explained, two main reasons: the cuts in the spending review and other financial measures in recent years, which "are bringing health care to its knees even in key sectors such as that of the 'birth path'", and the now uncontrolled growth of the medico-legal dispute that is placing the doctor-patient relationship in serious crisis, with serious repercussions for the dignity and professional serenity of health professionals and increasing costs for the NHS following the phenomenon of defensive medicine ".


The strike as an extreme choice, adopted by the approximately 15 operators working in the wards and services of gynecology, has already been communicated to the guarantee committee for strikes in the public sector. The last weapon to be used, say gynecologists and obstetricians, to "try to stir public opinion, institutions and politics". Then, three specific requests to the political forces in view of the elections: "the certainty of financing for health care; the commitment to immediately apply the birth control reform, approved two years ago; the guarantee of mandatory measures on professional responsibility in health care ".


The associations of gynecologists and midwives, who have proclaimed the first national strike of the categories on February 12, are also threatening the 'electoral strike', with the return of electoral certificates to the municipalities on the occasion of the vote. If the political forces, they say, "do not adhere to the proposals of the gynecologists and other health professionals, we declare ourselves ready to proclaim a voting strike in the next elections".


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