It seems that the child is not interested in anything: what to do?

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Children who seem without interest

A listless child. It just looks like that do not care about anything. Why? And what can a parent do? When to worry? This podcast is answered by the doctor, psychoanalyst and president of the Pollicino Association and the Onlus Parent Crisis Center.

"The theme of interests and passions is a theme that we often listen to worry fathers and mothers" specifies the doctor. 

Especially in a difficult moment like this, a decline can happen, a fail in their children of curiosity and interests.

"This difficult moment linked to the pandemic and the lockdown can cause a weakening, an evaporation of interests and curiosity. However it is important to underline how children and young people breathe, absorb the value that the adults of reference, therefore family environment and social environment, show, with respect to everything that does not concern the consumption of objects, in particular technological "specifies the doctor. 

The abundance of boredom and passions

"It is therefore very important in the growth of children to be able to transmit passions, can give value also to boredom like a creative moment, a moment in which it is possible for the child to experience a creativity "clarifies the doctor. It is also important to have in one's baggage of experiences a legacy, that of the parents, linked to their passions, their interests.

"It is certainly not easy in this era when hyper-consumerism celebrates more than anything else the immediate consumption of objects, in the illusion of full satisfaction. Hobbies and interests are fundamental vice versa in the growth of a child", concludes the doctor.

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