IVF, 10 testimonies of mothers

IVF, 10 testimonies of mothers
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IVF: testimonials

Love, marriage or cohabitation and the desire to have a baby. But sometimes there is something wrong and that much sought-after pregnancy just doesn't come.

Then, for some comes the decision to resort to assisted reproduction techniques. Among the techniques used, there is IVF. We have collected the testimonies of people who have decided to tell us about their experiences with IVF ("in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer").

IVF: what it is

IVF is a technique of assisted reproduction which involves the union in the laboratory of egg cells and spermatozoa and the subsequent transfer of any embryos produced in the woman's uterus.

The fertilization of the eggs with the spermatozoa can take place in the traditional way, that is by putting them in contact with each other in special containers, or through ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection: in this case a single spermatozoon is introduced with a special pipette into the cytoplasm (the gelatinous substance that surrounds the cell nucleus) of a single egg cell, to optimize the possibilities of fertilization.

It is estimated that from 1978 (the year in which Louise Brown, the first child born from in vitro fertilization, came into the world) to date the technique has given life to over seven million children all over the world: for its "invention" and fine-tuning the English biologist Robert Edwards won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2022 ...

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Here are the stories of mothers about IVF.

1. IVF and couples. The strength to start over. Together.

I couldn't get pregnant. After a long journey with my husband between doctors and clinics, I discovered I was expecting a baby. The little girl was born premature after a difficult Caesarean section. There was no shortage of other problems with my husband immediately after giving birth. Luckily we are now a happy couple and we are parents of two beautiful girls.

2. Mother of two premature babies with IVF

After marriage I couldn't get pregnant naturally. So I chose to resort to IVF. I do not hide the fear and sense of diversity that I experienced in that period of my life. I was only 27 years old, but also a great desire to become a mother. The first IVF went great: the test was immediately positive. I was pregnant with twins. However, I had to give birth by caesarean section in the twenty-ninth week and it was not easy. Today my twins are eleven and bursting with health.

3. A long process of assisted fertilization. But today I hold my Giorgia in my arms

My husband and I began the path of PMA. First icsi failed, second icsi after a few months (we are in 2022) ... it went well !!! But in the fifth month, after the morphology, I had to terminate the pregnancy due to a problem with the baby. Aihmè, I won't tell you the shock, also because it was late for the curettage and I had to face a real birth. But we didn't give up and tried again. Third icsi failed. After the 3 loanable attempts, we went to a private center. About 7000 euros between IVF and various expenses, but it went well. Today I hold my one and a half year old Giorgia in my arms!

4. My triplets. I am now a single but happy mother

I had been looking for a child for some time and I turned to a specialized center. Finally the response arrived: there were three pockets (trichorial triamniotic pregnancy). Forcefully I said to myself: "Wanted the bicycle, well, pedal!". It was a wonderful pregnancy, never a nausea, nothing at all, until the fifth month I was still washing the balconies, then I exploded with an exaggerated big belly. The day of the birth arrived: partial anesthesia and emergency caesarean, I didn't see them, I only heard them cry ... and go! I am now a happy XNUMX year old, albeit single, mom of triplets.

5. I couldn't have children. But after the IVF I had three wonderful children

I couldn't carry a pregnancy. Thanks to IVF, today I am a mother of three beautiful children and I am the happiest in the world even if every time I hear infertility stories I also feel all that pain on my skin. However, I would like to give one piece of advice to those who are going through what I went through. Rely on serious professionals, because there are many doctors who enrich themselves on the pain of so many couples. But above all ... do not lose hope!

6. Pregnant at the first IVF

After a series of spontaneous abortions, in 2022 I had an IVF in Lugano. It was a difficult and painful time. Finally in 2022 my daughter was born. I decided to write my and my husband's story because we both want to bring the message to the families in our situation that "wanting is power". Never say never in life: a solution is always found.

7. Assisted fertilization. The story of a woman who made it

This is the story of two people who meet, fall in love and decide to have a baby. But after six months of unprotected sex, nothing happens. The first checks begin, the first visits. Result: no problem for him or her. But the baby does not arrive. Assisted fertilization attempts begin. But it's not easy, it's not an easy path at all. From a physical and psychological point of view. A woman tells the long story of her to become a mother about her mother, with all the intensity of someone who has been in the midst of a storm, even personal and as a couple. But she thinks she would never go back.

8. IVF and pregnant, even when no one believed it

The doctor told me that since we had tried so many times it would be advisable to try with a donor along with my husband's sperm. I wasn't entirely convinced, but my husband was calm. He said to me: "It doesn't matter to me which one sticks, it will always be my son !!" But now that my son has been born for 22 days I can say that he is all my husband's and he is a boy!

9. I have believed for years that I was sterile. At the first IVF I got pregnant

I still remember the voice of the doctor who came up to my bed and said: "I'm sorry but the ovaries are too small, they are fibrous and atrophic. I advise you to go abroad as the chances of success here are nil! I'm sorry! " I sank into sadness. I later turned to another gynecologist and at the first IVF attempt I discovered that I had produced many follicles. A short time later I got pregnant. Never give up, always believe in it until the end and try to chase this beautiful dream with the person you love! Happiness could be around the corner and you don't know it yet!

10. Mom finally after three years of fertility treatment

After the wedding, despite various attempts, I could not get pregnant. The pounds in the meantime thanks to the hormonal dosage increased, while the courage and patience decreased. Three years passed. Three years of belly syringes and bi-weekly visits. I finally found out I was waiting for 9 weeks. An infinite joy. This made me realize that when you are about to give up it is always too soon. Now I live for my children.

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