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At first it seemed like a baby, Jennifer Aniston's greatest deso, just didn't want to arrive. Then, a few weeks ago, she confirms it: the Hollywood star is pregnant. For the Halloween party, however, the actress must have exaggerated, and to the fateful question "trick or treat" probably (given her penchant for surprises, as friends testify) she opted for the latter.

And it was a joke: the news came from the United States, launched by the magazine “OK! Magazine ”, which after so much desperation for the lack of a child e after infertility treatment to which the diva has undergone now even twins are on the way. And although the actress has not even officially confirmed the pregnancy (she will not do so until she is at least in the fourth or fifth month, underlines those who know her), the couple's close friends make no secret of the fact that the rumors and indiscretions are founded.

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A circumstance, that of twin pregnancy, is quite common among those who undergo treatment against infertility or in vitro fertilization: since artificial fertilization was born in 1980, the percentage of couples who give birth to two (or three ) twins shot up to 70%. And twins are also the parts of Hollywood's "anta" mothers: Jennifer Lopez in 2008, at the age of 38, gave birth to Emme and Max; Mariah Carey was 42 when she gave birth to Monroe and Moroccan; Marcia Cross was 44 when Eden and Savannah were born in 2007; and Celine Dion, after long treatments against infertility and after the decision to resort to the test tube, was 42 when she gave birth to what have been called the "miracle twins", the twins of the miracle.

Jennifer and Justin fix up the family mansion

And if someone finds out they are expecting twins is a shock, for Jennifer and Justin, according to their friends, it was a double joy. And the couple, thrilled by the surprise, he would already have adapted the family villa in Bel Air to accommodate the two babies, creating a nursery. That Jennifer, usually an excellent client of architects and interior designers, this time left the design directly to her future husband to allow him to express his creativity.

The result is "two rooms divided by an archway - a close friend of the couple told the US magazine - with yellow and blue walls and furniture".

Let's hope they are male!

"Jennifer and Justin - some friends of the couple told the American weekly - they hope they are two boys. To her, to tell the truth, it doesn't really matter what sex they are, but he would like them to be male, and so this has become the hope of both ”.

And further proof that it is a twin pregnancy comes from the fact that the husband of the Aniston is conducting interviews to hire not one but two babysitters. In addition to a bodyguard who is in charge of supervising both of them because, the acquaintances explain, "Jennifer insists that she will take the children wherever she has to go for work: on every set and every presentation even overseas".


Waiting for the happy event, the two would also have decided to bring forward the wedding date because "Jennifer would like to pronounce her wedding vows while she is pregnant". And so it is the marriage is likely to take place shortly: “Jen and Justin's plan - the acquaintances reveal - is to get married before Christmas, on a beach on the Hawaiian island of Kauai”.


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