Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle at loggerheads: what's true?

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Beautiful, rich, successful and ... in constant quarrel. It seems that Meghan Markle, newcomer to the English royal family thanks to her marriage to Prince Harry (and now pregnant), and Kate Middleton, consort of the future King William and already mother of three children, after an initial harmony now can't stand each other anymore.

Of course, imagining a feud between the two young ladies is very passionate: how boring otherwise to see two sisters-in-law so beautiful, rich, successful, mothers (or future ones, in Meghan's case) get along in love and get along in a Mulino Bianco style family, where everything runs smoothly without any problem.

William and Kate introduce Louis, their third child, to the crowd

The harsh deprivation from ... social networks

Perhaps in royal families, more than in all other areas, appearances can be deceiving: behind a semblance of extreme wealth and fortune, including economic ones, there are also tough court obligations and impositions that, for a person who grew up free and independent like Markle, they are not easy to accept.

An insider of the royal family allegedly said that “Meghan has always relied on her voice to defend others, and herself. So now not being able to say anything is a really frustrating situation ", especially in her (alleged) quarrel with Kate," she has always been very independent throughout her life, and after marriage everything has been taken from her. At one time he carried on his battles also on social media, now he cannot ».

Yes, because despite being very active, even politically, on social networks, Meghan had to quickly shut down all his social profiles. By royal taxation. But now she would feel "stressed and frustrated for the debilitating limits imposed by real life "and for the discussions with the sister-in-law. This latest frustration from Meghan, who apparently would like to talk about her quarrel with Middleton, is just the latest disagreement in a long series.

Harry and Meghan said yes in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. The ceremony began at 13 o'clock at Del Paesena time

The first clue: Meghan's mother in Sandringham

Not long ago, in fact, the Queen herself invited Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, to spend Christmas in Sandringham, along with the whole royal family. Privilege, however, never granted to the Middletons, or the family of Kate, who has already produced three heirs to Prince William. It seems that Kate didn't take it very well, to put it mildly.

But one detail must be taken into account, in defense of Markle: Meghan he has no other relatives in England and mother Doria, who would have decided to move to London at least until the birth of her grandson, was the only member of the former actress's family to be invited to the royal wedding. The queen, on that occasion, would demonstrate great admiration for Ragland, for her discretion and composure, despite the great emotion.

The second clue: the tensions with the staff (and with Kate)

Apparently Kate got mad at Meghan, tired from her constant reminders of her staff members. "It is unacceptable, I have to speak to my staff," the Duchess of Cambridge would have shouted at her sister-in-law. Indeed, several assistants to the Duchess of Sussex resigned in just a few days: three people who had served the royal family for years have resigned within six months, apparently due to disagreements with Markle.

Kate between William and Harry

The third clue: Harry and Meghan's move

Another clue that supports the thesis of one rift between Kate and Meghan it is the latter's move, together with her husband, to a cottage at Windsor Castle, leaving Kensington Palace. According to royal correspondent Emily Andrews, however, there is another reason, apart from the tensions between the sisters-in-law. And it would have to do with none other than the death of Lady Diana, Harry and William's mom.

It seems that the young prince does not want his wife to suffer like his mother, Lady Diana (who, remember, died in 1997 in a car accident). According to Andrews, Harry “is obsessed with deso prevent the wife from suffering the pressures of the press and palace suffered by the mother ». The escape to Frogmore Cottage would be a way to avoid making Meghan suffer, as Diana had suffered, «the crystal bubble of real life, too oppressive relatives, but above all the intrusiveness of the media».

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