Kate Middleton is pregnant!

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Jessica, allegedly confessed in an interview with the Australian magazine New Idea, that the royal couple is expecting a baby and would have planned a meeting with the press to formalize the news next December.


This time, it shouldn't just be gossip, in fact, Jessica Hay is considered a very reliable source for the royal couple scoop, due to its anticipation of the 'royal couple' engagement and wedding date, which turned out to be correct.


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Queen Elizabeth also appears to be over the moon over the news, writes the tabloid weeklyworldnews.


And, again the weeklyworldnews, reports the news that since many times it was speculated that the Duchess was pregnant, as during the marriage, and then she would lose the child, the royal gynecologist Fritz Barnwell said: "Kate was not absolutely pregnant, before marriage. We know this because the Queen wanted us to do some tests before the royal wedding, just to make sure that the future princess was pregnant. But today, at the request of the prince William, we carried out the pregnancy test on Kate and, we can definitely confirm that she is in the first month of pregnancy ".


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But if on the one hand the news of having his first great-grandchild the queen Elizabeth she is excited and enthusiastic, less happy, on the other, the prince Charles of England. In fact, before boarding her private jet to Los Angeles, with 25 of his staff, she said, “I don't understand what the reason is for having a baby now, when the world is so polluted. We need to stop using fossil fuels, eat meat. Instead, we must plant as many trees as possible ”.


A somewhat 'particular' reaction… will it be English humor or the thrill of becoming a grandfather?


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