Latvian, no, a rule with exceptions. The word to the experts

Latvian yes or no? The word a , doctor, psychotherapist of the developmental age, researcher at the State University of our city, 44 years old, father of 4 children aged 9, 6, 3 and 1 year. For Franco Angeli, the new edition of his book In the belly of the father has just been released. Father and son: an emotional relationship

As a general rule, I would say that Latvian is the resting place of mum and dad, not mum, dad and children. For the latter, the ideal place to sleep is the cradle or cot.

Like any rule, however, this too may have some exceptions. Especially in the first months of a newborn's life: if the rhythms of the feedings are still a bit confused and the awakenings are very frequent, in fact, the Latvian can become a "lifesaver" for a nursing mother. The idea is to relieve her tiredness, to protect her well-being and, consequently, that of the child.

There is one thing worth remembering, though. Welcoming the baby in your bed means getting him used to falling asleep always and only next to him, but later on he will inevitably also have to teach him to sleep alone. And this is a step that requires time, patience, availability and for which you need to be ready. Sometimes, however, it is mom and dad who are the first not to be, and they hide their fears behind the need to instill safety in children ...

During sleep, a baby has no need to work on "safety models". The fact that the parents sleep next to him, therefore, doesn't make much difference. In my opinion, however, what a child really needs is a safe, peaceful, well-disposed parent who knows how to make him fall asleep and "accompany" him in his sleep. It is important to rock the baby, sing him a lullaby, let him hear relaxing music; ensure that he feels a protective dimension around him in which he can let himself go peacefully at the moment of rest, without feeling the anxiety of separation from mom and dad.

If the Latvian is not the ideal place to sleep, on the contrary, however, it can be a very beautiful space where you can leave room for feelings and emotions. Where to receive good night, for example.

Or, better still, where to indulge, all together, pampering and tenderness, games and stories. Maybe on Saturday or Sunday morning, when the rhythms are less frenetic and the moment of awakening can stretch indefinitely ...

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