Let's behave well: when the baby gets out of control (and what to do)

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What to do if the baby escapes us while we are on the street? If you treat the house dog badly? What if he steals the game from another child?

The answers to these to many other questions are in a recently revived and updated guide that takes parents by the hand in the adventure of growing up with your children, tackling small and large daily challenges together. A book full of information and advice for all parents. Sipps, Del Paesena Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics, Fimp, Federation of Paesena pediatricians, and SIMP, Del Paesena Society of Perinatal Medicine, together with the Del Paesena Parents Association, have published the guide "The child and his family. Practical guide for parents ", a training and health education tool, easy to consult, available in all Del Paesene bookstores, but also online.

There are many topics covered: from returning home with the newborn to breastfeeding, from the first meals to whims, from diseases to development year after year. With a final chapter on preparing for a new pregnancy.

Let's find out what are the practical advice and the solutions proposed when the situation gets out of our control together with a child. Knowing that parents always know their child more than anyone.

1 - Runs out of the house or the yard

Children up to 3-4 years old, if left free on the street, must be checked because they risk accidents. To avoid them, always lock the door of the house and if you have a garden, let your child play outside alone only if the land is fenced and risk-free.

2 - Escapes if you are out and about together

The indications that must be given in this case must be very clear: on the street you are always on the sidewalk and when you cross you must give your hand. If he does not want to and tries to escape, take him by the arm and firmly repeat to him to follow the rules and that here it is not possible to run.

If he runs into a store and keeps running away, put him in the cart.

3 - Light the matches

For one thing, it is always best to keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children, at least until they are 8-10 years old. Once you get older you can explain to them how they light up and what special attention should be paid.

4 - He does not want to keep his seat belts fastened

In the car, safety comes first. So the rule is that all passengers must have their seat belts fastened while traveling. So be the first to do it, your child will adapt.

If he does not want to hear reasons, pull the car over as soon as possible (and safely!) Until the child is allowed to fasten his seat belts.

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5 - Steal games from other children

If you steal a toy from another child, take it and return it to the owner; do not let the strongest win or those who complain the most.

6 - Treat pets badly

Calmly explain that animals also feel pain and can suffer. And that they are not toys. If he continues to be violent, scold him.

You can raise awareness by asking him to help you feed the dog or cat. If he refuses, tell him that you are sorry, but you can also resort to small blackmail, such as waiting to have a snack all together until the pet of the house has also eaten.

7 - Tap everything

It is impossible to forbid any contact to a child and to forbid everything. So the first tip is to remove dangerous or delicate objects from its reach. If a certain object cannot be moved and he disobeys, punish him.

If he is still small, it can help to divert his attention to a similar but fake object, less fragile and not dangerous. However, when you try to touch and explore, your baby satisfies a natural curiosity about him.

8 - Break or throw toys

Explain that toys don't break on purpose, because then they have to be thrown away and they can't be used for play anymore. They cannot always be repaired!

And that they do not throw themselves, because they could break or damage the furniture in the house. You can put a punishment if he doesn't listen to you: if he throws an object and it hasn't broken, you can seize it for two days and then return it, explaining how to behave.

Praise him for taking care of his games.

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9 - He doesn't want to go to the doctor

You can use some small stratagem such as: make an appointment away from nap and snack time, bring along games for the waiting room and to facilitate the execution of the examination, play at home the doctor's visit, making him open his mouth, breathing deeply together and lying down.

10 - Spit

Teach him that it is something that is not done: if he continues to do it, put him in punishment and distance him from others. Also show him that you are offended and indignant when you see an adult spitting on the street.


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