Little red butt? Here's how to prevent it

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La delicate baby skin it needs more attention than that of adults because it is much thinner and less waterproof: the hydrolipidic protective film has yet to form. And it lacks fat, because the sebaceous glands work less. The part that gets irritated most easily is the bottom.


A "greenhouse" climate forms in the diaper, pee and poop irritate the skin, the diaper hinders the exchange of air and moisture accumulates. Result: the bottom turns red until the appearance of a dermatitis (or erythema). Fortunately, with a few tricks you can avoid problems. 

Prevention strategies

  • Change the diaper often;
  • Occasionally leave the baby without diaper, so that the skin "breathes" and remains dry;
  • Don't over-tighten the diaper: when possible, leave it off for a while to improve ventilation at the bottom;
  • Maintain the always clean skin, washing it at each change with lukewarm water and if there have been stools also with mild liquid detergents, preferably oily;
  • Dry well before putting the clean diaper back, dabbing with a towel but without rubbing;
  • It is not necessary to routinely use a bottom cream (especially zinc oxide, mildly healing) at every change. This can be done every once in a while and of course if the bottom is really red.
  • In home avoid disposable wipes, which can instead be used outside the home. 
  • Do not use talcum powder because if it is true that it can absorb excess moisture, it can be inhaled by the child and therefore be dangerous. It can also facilitate the growth of bacteria.
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