Lullabies and music to lull the baby in the belly

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Music for the baby bump

Classical music, lullabies or Queen rock at its best: that's the dilemma. How do you know what kind of music is best for the little ones still in their mother's belly?

In order not to be mistaken, we relied on an expert, Cristina Fiore di Anep, trainer, counselor, Prenatal Tutor and head of the Psycho-Pedagic disciplines of the "Bene con Sé Bene Insieme" study center.


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Classical music: the benefits of Mozart

The prenatal baby is continuously stimulated by sounds, noises, voices and smells coming from the intrauterine cavity or from the external environment. The amniotic fluid and the placenta are the first transmitters and conductors of the stimulations captured by the fetus.

The widespread opinion among mothers that classical music is somehow beneficial to babies in the belly has its scientific basis: "Psychologist Frances Rauscher has shown how prenatal listening to Mozart and other Baroque composers could be associated to an increase in space-time skills over the course of life ". Cristina Fiore explains.

"Another research has shown that classical music, in particular the slow movements of Baroque or Baroque style compositions, with the melodic richness that distinguishes them and their rhythm of 55-70 beats per minute, moves the brain from a state of hyperactivity to a state of alertness and relaxation. Classical music stimulates the release of endorphins and reduces the level of stress hormones in the blood, benefiting both mother and baby».

The important thing in the choice of music is the deso that moves us: "The meaning of this gesture is to improve the relationship between parents and the child, not to create little geniuses" emphasizes Cristina Fiore.

How to choose the melody

The choice of the most suitable melody must be guided by common sense: «If we want the little one to relax, we will not give him the Acdc; in broad daylight we will instead avoid melodies that induce sleep such as lullabies ».

No to loud speakers and headphones on the belly

At 24 weeks, the baby's ears are fully formed, so they hear all sounds both through their hearing and through the vibrations of the water: «So let's not position ourselves near loudspeakers that broadcast at full volume, while music played in the room is fine. Instead, let's avoid headphones on the belly: the baby feels very strong vibrations ».

Nursery rhymes and lullabies

In the choice of songs and lullabies it is possible to opt for great classics such as "Whiskey the spider" or "Stella Stellina", but the advice is to refer to your own story: «Which lullaby did your grandmother sing? See if you still like it and feel comfortable, or else sing in the shower as you always have: children appreciate more a melody interpreted by his parents rather than one listened to by the CD. The little ones perceive the emotional part a lot ».


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Questions and answers

What music is good for the baby in the belly? 

Classical music, especially the slow movements of baroque or baroque style compositions, shifts the brain from a state of hyperactivity to a state of alertness and relaxation.

Is it possible to put the headphones on the baby bump? 

Better to avoid headphones on the belly: the baby feels very strong vibrations.

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