Main courses of meat for children

Milk chicken

  • The proteins contained in milk are of high biological value: an aspect that countersigns the degree of assimilability by the body.
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    Chicken pudding

  • White meats - chicken, rabbit, turkey, kid, lamb - are more digestible because they have leaner and thinner muscle fibers.
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    Flavored veal liver

  • Calf liver has a high quantity of vitamins A and B and a good content of iron, an element that children need more during their growth than adults.
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    Rolls with artichokes

  • A delight to eat even with your hands.
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    Chicken with apple

  • The sweetness of the apple makes this dish particularly popular with small children.
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  • The fiber content of the legumes is remarkable in this dish.
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    Meatballs and zucchini

  • It is a very light way to cook meatballs.
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    Baked meatballs

  • Baked meatballs are "lighter" than fried ones.
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    Meatballs with lemon

  • Steamed chicken is not very tasty: in these meatballs it will become very appetizing.
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  • The set of flavors of this dish makes it particularly appetizing: the sweetness of veal, almonds and courgettes is 'integrated' by the aroma and flavor of basil.
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    Veal escalope with milk

  • Much tastier and more appetizing than the usual "slice".
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