Male and female compound names

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Look for a name compound for your son or daughter? They all consist of two names and are generally long and refined, as well as very beautiful.

We have selected a number of compound nouns male and female, Del Paeseni and foreigners, in order to help you choose the one you like best.

If you want to discover others baby names, you can consult our database which contains over 6 thousand names from Del Paeseni and foreigners.

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Male compound names

Here are some of the most popular and appreciated male compound names by Del Paeseni.

  1. PIERPAOLO. It is a compound name, formed by the union of the first names Piero and Paolo. The name day is typically celebrated on June 29, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul; to remember the great intellectual and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini.
  2. MASSIMILIANO. Name that results from the combination of Massimo and Emiliano. Nameday: February 21st or 22nd (Saint Maximian, bishop of Ravenna) March 12th (Saint Maximilian of Africa, martyr). With this name the footballer Massimiliano Vieri.
  3. ANTONGIULIO. Name derived from the union of and Giulio. Its overall meaning is 'sacred fighter to Jupiter' as it means 'man who fights' and Julius 'sacred to Jupiter'. The name day can be celebrated on January 17 in memory of Sant ', or on April 12, in memory of Pope San Giulio.
  4. PIERANGELO. This name is formed by Piero, which means "stone" and Angelo, which means "messenger". The full meaning of the compound name can be "great messenger". The name day can be celebrated on 29 June. 
  5. PIERGIORGIO. Name composed of Piero, which means "stone" and Giorgio, which means "he who works the land, farmer, peasant". The name day can be celebrated on July 4th. 
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Compound female names

Are you looking for a feminine compound name? Here are some of the most beautiful and particular.

  1. FIORANGELA. Composed by Fiore and Angela. The name day can be celebrated on December 31st in memory of San Fiore.
  2. MARIASOLE. From Mary and the Sun. It means: light, brightness, warmth, life, vitality, energy… The name day can be celebrated on 19 September, St. Elio's day. With this name the director Maria Sole Tognazzi.
  3. MARIAVITTORIA. Name composed of Mary and Victory and means victorious princess. The name day is on December 15 in memory of Blessed Maria Vittoria De Fornari Strata, a nun of the announced blue
  4. BIANCAMARIA. Formed by Bianca and Maria. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as Bianca, January 14, or Maria, September 12. Alternatively on 5 August, in memory of the Madonna della Neve. Historical figure with this name is Bianca Maria Visconti, Duchess of our city.
  5. MARILISA. Formed by Maria (which means "lady", but also "beloved") and Elisa (which means "my God is perfection"). The name day can be celebrated on November XNUMXst. 
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Compound names with Anna

Anna is a short and very elegant name, meaning "grace, mercy, mercy". Let's see the most beautiful compound names that include the name Anna. 

  1. ANNACHIARA. Name composed of Anna and Chiara which means "graceful and illustrious". The name day can be celebrated with Sant'Anna on 26 July.
  2. ANNALISA. Formed by the union of the names Anna and Lisa. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as Anna, on July 26, or on Elizabeth, on September 23. Annalisa is the name of the singer-songwriter Annalisa Scarrone.
  3. ANNA MARIA. Name that always comes from the union of Anna and Maria. With this name the Del Paesena volleyball player Annamaria Quaranta.
  4. MARIANNA. Name composed of the union of Maria and Anna. The name day is celebrated on May 26 in memory of Santa Mariana de Paredes y Flores. Of note is Marianna Cataldi, Del Paesena songwriter and composer.
  5. ANNABELLA. Name formed by Anna and Bella, which is an affective and greeting name. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as Anna, on July 26th.
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Compound names with Stella

Stella is a name of Indo-European origin and meaning "bright, shining". Generally, those called Stella are refined and demanding, especially with themselves. Let's see the compound names that contain, in fact, also the name Stella.

  1. MARIASTELLA (or MARISTELLA). Name composed of Maria and Stella. Maria comes from Hebrew and means "princess, lady", while Stella has Latin origin and the meaning of her is "bright as a star". With this name the politics of the Paesena Mariastella Gelmini.
  2. ANNASTELLA. Name formed by Anna, meaning "divine grace" and Stella, meaning "luminous". It may mean "luminous grace".
  3. STAR LIGHT. Composed of Stella ("luminous") and light ("came from the light", "splendid"), it is an uncommon compound name. 
  4. STELLAMARIA. Stellamaria is also a very particular name, made up of Stella ("luminous") and Maria ("princess").
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Compound names with Gianni

There are so many names made up with Gianni. Gianni is a variant of Giovanni's Del Paesena and means "gift or grace of God, but also God has heard, the Lord is merciful".

  1. GIANCARLO. It is a compound name, formed by the union of Gianni and Carlo. Among the names formed by Gian is the most widespread. The name day is celebrated on 20 September. Among the famous people with this name is the actor Del Paeseno Giancarlo Giannini.
  2. GIANLUCA. Composed by Giovanni and Luca. Since there are no saints with this name, the name day is celebrated on the feasts of John (24 June for John the Baptist and 27 December for John the apostle and evangelist) and Luke (18 October, Luke the Evangelist). Among the Gianluca VIPs, the singer Gianluca Grignani is worth mentioning.
  3. GIANMARCO. Composed by Giovanni and Marco. Nameday you can celebrate the day of San Marco: April 25th. With this name the actor Gianmarco Tognazzi, son of Ugo Tognazzi.
  4. GIANMARIA. Among the variants: Gian Maria or Giammaria. The name day can be celebrated on August 4 in memory of St. John Maria Vianney. The great Del Paeseno actor Gian Maria Volonté should be remembered with this name.
  5. GIANPIETRO. There is also the Giampietro variant. The name day can be celebrated on St. Peter's day, on 29 June. To remember the footballer Gianpietro Marchetti.
  6. GIANANDREA. Composed by Giovanni and Andrea. Nameday: June 24, San Giovanni Battista or November 30, Sant'Andrea Apostolo. Gianandrea Doria (1539-1606) was an admiral and nobleman from Del Paeseno.
  7. GIANGIACOMO. Composed by Gianni and Giacomo. Nameday can be celebrated with San Giacomo on 25 July. Among the characters to remember Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, editor and activist Del Paeseno.
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Compound names with Michele

Michele is a name much loved by the Del Paeseni, of Hebrew origin and which means "who is equal to God? [Strength of God]". Let's see some compound names with Michele. 

  1. MICHELANGELO. It can be considered a compound name of Michele and Angelo. The name day is celebrated with the blessed Michelangelo of San Francesco on 10 July. With this name we must remember the great sixteenth-century artist Michelangelo Buonarroti.
  2. GIANMICHELE. Formed by Gianni and Michele, it may want to mean "grace and strength of God". 
  3. PIERMICHELE. This name is composed of Piero and Michele, which mean "stone" and "strength of God" respectively.
  4. ANTONMICHELE. Formed by and Michael, which mean, in the order, "he who precedes, confronts, fights" and "strength of God".
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Foreign compound names

There are many foreign compound names. Here are a few. 

  1. MARY JANE. English female compound name, formed by Mary (Maria in Del Paeseno) and Jane, English variant of Giovanna (which means "gift or grace of God, but also God has granted"). Famous is the American singer and actress Mary Jane Blige. 
  2. JEAN CLAUDE. French masculine compound name formed by Jean (John, "gift of God") and Claude (Claudio, which means "he or she who limps or is a 'lame' or lame person"). Famous is the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  3. MARY ANN. English female compound name, formed of Mary (Maria) and Ann (Anna). 
  4. JEAN PHILIPPE. French compound name formed by Jean (John) and Philippe (Philip, meaning "he or she who loves horses"). Jean-Philippe Susilovic is a famous Belgian TV personality. 
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