Male names for babies: guide to choosing

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Undecided on the name to give to your baby on the way? To give you some good suggestions, we have selected for you the trendiest male Del Paeseni names (and also foreign but used in Del Paese), the most loved by Del Paeseni parents in the last year, the most original, the least known and the shortest. But also foreign and ancient ones. Among the latter Samir, Gabriel, Thomas. But also, among the oldest, Edmondo and Camillo.

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Male names 2022

What are the trends in Del Paese in 2022? Which names are the most popular? Here are some ideas of names between classic and original, long or short, for all the children who will be born in 2022. A mix of names chosen between tradition and novelty, between the children of celebrities and the most popular TV series, among the most influential characters on an international level or Del Paeseno, but also timeless literature back in vogue. Let's find them all in this ranking. 

  1. Leonardo. The name Leonardo is of Germanic origin and means "strong as a lion".
  2. Alberto is a widespread name already in the Lombard period and means "very illustrious".
  3. Lion. Having returned for the most part after the birth of the son of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, Leone was a widespread name already in Ancient Greece and Rome.
  4. Andrew. Man, virile, courageous, indomitable. One of the most loved names in recent years.
  5. Matthew: "man of God" but also "gift of God".
  6. Alexander is of Greek origin: "he who protects (or saves) men.
  7. Christian: "follower of Christ, devoted and consecrated to Christ".
  8. Brando is of Germanic origin and means "shining sword in battle".
  9. Edoardo is the "property curator".
  10. Mattia is a name of Hebrew origin, which means "gift of God".

Male names 2022: trends

Will your baby be born in 2022? Are you looking for some name ideas on the crest of the wave and, at the same time, quite evergreen? We have made a selection for you of the most beautiful names.

  1. Lion. It comes from the ancient Greek and means "lion" and the name day is celebrated on November 10th.
  2. Zeno. Greek origin. It means "belonging or sacred to Zeus" and the name day is April 12 and December 8.
  3. Liam. Variant of Guglielmo. Germanic origin. It means "helmet of the will; protected by the will". The name day is celebrated on February 10 or June 25. Liam is a frequent English diminutive.
  4. Marco. Of Latin origins, it means "consecrated and dedicated to Mars, god of war". Nameday: 25 April, 16 April and 21 June.
  5. Giulio. Name of Latin origin, it means: "he who descends from Jupiter". The name day can be celebrated on January 31st.
  6. Cristian. Name of Greek-Latin origin, it means "follower of Christ, devoted and consecrated to Christ". The name day is celebrated on 12 and 22 November (San Cristiano martyr and blessed Christian or Christian d'Auxerre).
  7. Diego. Of Greek origin, it means: "educated, learned, cultured". Nameday: 12th November.
  8. Brando. Contracted form of the name Aldobrando, it has the meaning of "shining sword in battle". The name day falls on August 22 or May 1.
  9. Edward. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it has the meaning of "curator of the property, guardian of assets". Name day: January 5th.
  10. Jacopo. Of Hebrew-Aramaic origin, it means: "faithful follower of God". Nameday April 13.

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Male names 2022: the most beautiful

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You want to discover the coolest boy names for babies born in 2022. Among the most beloved Leone and a classic like Andrea.

Most popular male names, according to Istat

The top 10 most popular and most loved male names by Del Paeseni, according to Istat's updated 2022 ranking, are the following. In the first three places Leonardo (who overtook Francesco), Francesco in second place and Alessandro.

  1. Leonardo. Germanic origin. This name means: "strong as a lion". Nameday: March 30th.
  2. Francis. It means "French, relating to France or coming from France". The name day falls on 4 October (San Francesco d'Assisi).
  3. Alexander. It has Greek origin and means: "He who protects men (but also" man saved "," who saves ")". Nameday: 26th August, 22nd April and 30th August.
  4. Lorenzo. It derives from Laurentius, "inhabitant of Laurento" or "city of laurel". The name day is August 10 (San Lorenzo di della città, martyr).
  5. Mattia. It means "Man of God". Nameday: February 24th and May 14th.
  6. Andrew. Name of Greek origin. It means "brave man". Name day: November 30th.
  7. Gabriel. Name of Hebrew origin, it means "fortress of God or hero with God's help". Nameday: September 29th.
  8. Riccardo. It means "mighty and valiant". Name day: 7 February.
  9. Thomas. Name of Aramaic-Hebrew origin, it means: "twin". Nameday: 3 July and 21 December.
  10. Edward. Name of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means "property administrator". Nameday: 5th January, 13th January and 18th March.

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Original male names

Do you want to give the baby on arrival a particular name? Here are some ideas. Noah means "quiet", Amos means "strong", Tancredi means "wise".

  1. Noah. Jewish origin. It means: quiet, rest. Nameday: November 18th.
  2. Wolf. From the Latin "lupus". The name day is generally celebrated on July 29 in memory of Saint Wolf of Troyes, bishop of the XNUMXth century.
  3. Amos. Of Greek origin, it means "strong", "robust". The name day is traditionally celebrated on March 31 in memory of the prophet Amos of the Bible.
  4. Iago. Name that derives from Giacomo or Jacopo. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as James: July 25 or May 3.
  5. Vasco. Spanish origin, it could mean: "inhabitant of the Basque Country" or "inhabitant of Gascony". Nameday on November 1st.
  6. Milo. Of Germanic origin. Nameday on February 23rd.
  7. Nino. It arises as a shortened form of various names. He also coincides with the Spanish word niño, "child". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st.
  8. Pablo. Spanish version of Paolo Del Paeseno. It comes from the Latin "paulus", which means "small". The name day is celebrated on 29 June.
  9. Tobias. Hebrew name. It means "the Lord is my good". The name day generally occurs on November 2 in memory of St. Tobias.
  10. Tancred. Germanic origin. It means: "adviser, wise, thoughtful, brilliant, inspired" - Name day: April 9 and September 30.

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30 original male names

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Original names for babies? Wolf, Amos, Neri, Iago. They are all Del Paeseni names, but original and rarely used. Here is our selection of the most particular and trendy male names.

Short and rare male names

If you want a short name for your baby, you can choose one of them below. Among these Aldo, which means "wise", Elio, which refers to the sun, Otto, which instead means "powerful".

  1. Aldo. Of Germanic origin. The etymology is uncertain: it could be "old, wise" or "grow up, be an adult, but also" command "or" exquisitely beautiful. "The name day is celebrated on January 10th.
  2. Helium. Greek origins. It comes from Helios, the sun god. The name day is celebrated on 22 and 23 July.
  3. Livio. Etruscan origins. Name of a gens of the city, it derives from the nickname livius of unknown meaning. The name day falls on November 12th.
  4. Eight. Of Germanic origin. He means powerful person. It is celebrated on 2 July or 18 November.
  5. Ugo. Of Germanic origin. From the noun hugu, "thought, sense". Sant'Ugo is celebrated on April 1st.
  6. Ennio. Of Latin origin. The etymology is uncertain.
  7. Leo. Greek origins. Diminutive of Leone or Leon. The name day occurs on 10 November.
  8. Enzo. Uncertain origins. It is diminutive of Lorenzo or Vincenzo. The name day is celebrated on November 1st.
  9. Tito. Of Latin Etruscan origin. Originally "wild pigeon", then translated, "defender or defended, protector or protected". Nameday: January 16.
  10. Elijah. Its meaning is in Hebrew "God is Yahweh". Nameday: 20 July.

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20 short and rare male names

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Otto, Pablo, Liam, Aldo. Short names have a simple, yet elegant sound. And they don't risk being crippled with diminutives. Here are some of the rarest for children.

Vintage and ancient male names

Old-time male names are charming and vintage. Some sound original, like Edmondo; others are trendy, like Camillo; others have never gone out of fashion, like Leonardo. Here are a few.

  1. Romeo. Name of Greek origin, it means "Roman", "originally from the city". The name day is celebrated on February 25th.
  2. Edmund. Name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means: "blessed protector", "protector of happiness". The name day is celebrated on November 20.
  3. Gregory. It comes from the Greek and means "attentive", "cautious", "awake". The name day is celebrated on September 3, in memory of the holy Pope Gregory the Great.
  4. Ambrose. Name of Greek origin, the meaning is "immortal". The name day is celebrated on 7 December. Sant'Ambrogio is the patron saint of our city.
  5. Vittorio. Name of Latin origin which means "victorious", "he who wins". Nameday: 21 May (San Vittorio martyr in Cesarea) or 8 May (San Vittore martyr in our city).
  6. Hamilcar. Name of Phoenician origin, it means "friend of the god Mel-qar". It is an adespot name, the name day is celebrated on November 1st.
  7. Joachim. Name of Hebrew origin, it means: "God raises". The name day is celebrated on July 26th.
  8. Domenico. Latin name based on the adjective "dominicus" which means "of the master", and in a particular sense "of the Lord".
  9. Xavier. Iberian-Basque-Castilian origin, which means "new house". The name day is celebrated on 3 December.
  10. Camillo. Phoenician-Hebrew origin, derives from the name given to the young man who took care of sacred ceremonies, called 'kadmel' in Hebrew, 'kadmilos' in Greek and 'camillus' in Latin: minister or messenger (of God).

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30 ancient male names

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Our language is sweet and musical and that is why the names Del Paeseni stand out for their beauty, especially those of the past. Some sound strange and original, like Edmondo or ...

Male names for kings and emperors

We went through ancient history to look for 10 names of kings and emperors still current today.

Here is our selection.

  1. Leonidas. King of Sparta and valiant soldier. Famous is the episode in which, during the second Persian war, he defended the Thermopylae pass with 300 Spartans, resisting the much larger enemy army for two days. A famous Hollywood movie was also made from the event.
  2. Alexander. Alexander III of Macedon, known as Alexander the Great, was Macedonian king and ancient Macedonian military. He lived around 300 BC
  3. Dario. It is the name of three Persian kings.
  4. Caesar. Gaius Julius Caesar was a great soldier. He became dictator of the city and in 45 BC emperor.
  5. Octavian or Augustus. He was the first Roman emperor, adopted son of Julius Caesar.
  6. Tito. He was Roman emperor and reign for three years from 79. He was considered a good emperor.
  7. Tiberius. Another emperor who has ruled since 14 AD He was a skilled military man.
  8. Adriano. Roman emperor who reigned from 117 to 138 AD he was tolerant and considered one of the good emperors.
  9. Aureliano. Roman emperor of barbarian origin. He was proclaimed emperor in 270.
  10. Constantine. He was Roman emperor from 306 AD and known as Constantine the Great.

40 beautiful baby names inspired by heroes and characters of antiquity

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We went over ancient history and found 40 beautiful names that are still relevant today. They range from the most classic names, such as: Cesare, Livia, Giulia, Ottaviano, Aureliano; to the most ...

English male names

Would you like to give your baby a name of Anglo-Saxon origin? William, Jeremy, Andrew, Charles and many others ... here are our proposals for you.

  1. Brian. The name has Irish or Breton origins. It has an uncertain meaning but it is possible that the name derives from an old Celtic word meaning "high" or "noble".
  2. Brad. The name has Anglo-Saxon origins and is the diminutive of Bradley or Brady. The meaning is 'board wood', or 'wide wood'.
  3. William. The name has Germanic origin and is the English variant of William. It means: "helmet of the will", "protected by the will".
  4. George. The name has Greek origin and is the variant of Giorgio. It means: "he or she who works the land", farmer, peasant.
  5. James. The name has Hebrew-Aramaic origin and is the English variant of James. Meaning: "faithful follower of God," God protects "(or, like Jacob," footprint of God "). 

Foreign male names

Do you want to give the unborn child an important and foreign name? Here is the list of the most beautiful: among them Samir, which means "companion of nocturnal talks", Gabriel, which means "strength of God" and Thomas, which means "twin".

  1. Alvaro. Widespread in Spain and Latin American countries, it means "defender of many".
  2. Samir. A very particular name perhaps not used here by us, but its meaning is truly poetic. It comes from Arabic and roughly translates as "companion of nocturnal speeches", a title that at the time of the sultans was granted to the closest and most intimate confidants of the sovereign.
  3. Adam. It is the name of the first man, bearer of a heavy inheritance and therefore of a certain prestige. The meaning of the Hebrew name is precisely "Born of the Earth".
  4. Bryan (or Brian). The origin of the name is Celtic, although the etymology is not clear. It could come from the word brigh ("high, noble"), or from the word bri ("strong").
  5. Omar. This name is quite common in Del Paese, so much so that it is often not even perceived as exotic. It means "thriving", "flourishing" and is an auspicious name for a long life.
  6. Gabriel. A chic variant of our Gabriele. It means "strength of God" and in fact it is the name of one of the Lord's Archangels.

  7. John. It comes from Hebrew and literally means "God had mercy" or even "God is grace".

  8. Thomas. The meaning of this Anglo-Saxon variant of Thomas is "twin", but over the centuries it has also assumed the meaning of "unbeliever", as St. Thomas was the apostle who wanted to put his finger in Jesus' wounds to believe in his resurrection .

  9. Raul. Raoul is a Germanic name, contraction of Radulf. It means "valiant in the assembly", "glory of the nation".

  10. Dimitri. Very common name in Eastern Europe but in great growth here too. The origin is Greek and more or less means "son of the Earth" or, in the most classic version, "son of Demeter".

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Male names for babies: guide to choosing

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