Male names: the most loved by our parents

Male names: the most loved by our parents

A manly, courageous, strong and indomitable child? Maybe you could choose as a name Andrea. Or Francesco, the name also chosen by the current pope Jorge Bergoglio and which means "relating to France or coming from France". Gabriele, with the meaning "God is powerful" or "man of God". AND Mattia, which derives from the biblical name Matithyah and means "man of God". In the list of male names most loved by mothers and fathers follow Giovanni, with the meaning of "the Lord is merciful" and Leonardo, "strong as a lion".

Here is the list of the most searched baby names in 2022 by moms and dads on

  1. Andrea

  2. Francesco

  3. Gabriele

  4. Mattia

  5. John

  6. Leonardo

  7. Edoardo

  8. Thomas

  9. Filippo

  10. Dario

  11. Vincenzo

  12. Giuseppe

  13. Nicolas

  14. Emanuele

  15. Marco

  16. Davide

  17. Samuel

  18. Riccardo

  19. Giorgio

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How to choose the name of the child?


The Del Paesena law admits a maximum of three names. It is also possible to give foreign names but using the Del Paeseno alphabet and ridiculous and shameful names are forbidden. It is also not possible to give the child the name of the father or a living sibling or a surname as a first name.


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