Mango during pregnancy: can you eat it?

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Many consider the mango the exotic fruit par excellence, tasty, adaptable to many recipes and rich in beneficial properties. But is it so good even during pregnancy?

  • Mango during pregnancy: can you eat it?
  • The properties of the mango
  • The (few) risks of mango in pregnancy

Mango during pregnancy: can you eat it?

A pregnant woman rightfully has to pay close attention to what he eats not only so as not to gain too much weight, but, above all, to protect the delicate health of the fetus that is growing in the belly. In fact, there are several healthy and harmless foods which, however, if consumed during pregnancy, could hide pitfalls (ea: mushrooms, raw ham, strawberries, etc. ..).

Even the mango, being a very particular fruit, is sometimes viewed with concern, but in this case you can rest assured: in fact, mango, not only can be eaten during pregnancy, but if taken with the right doses, it can also be a valuable ally for the health of the future mother. 

Of course, like all things, if you overdo the consumption, even this exotic fruit can cause some problems ...

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The properties of the mango

Each mango is rich in Vitamins, protein, potassium e antioxidants. Similar properties are also very useful during pregnancy, when the woman needs a lot of "healthy" nutrients to support herself and make the baby feel good in the belly. Eating mango while pregnant therefore:

  • Help him development of the fetus, because mango is rich in folic acid (or vitamin B9), very useful for preventing some congenital malformations of the neural tube;
  • Port benefits to the immune system;
  • Helps to counter constipation (a common problem in pregnancy) thanks to the large amount of fibers, which also foster a sense of fullness, useful for not overeating;
  • Donate a profit calorie and protein intake to the diet of the expectant mother.
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The (few) risks of mango in pregnancy

Unless you have particular allergies (and in this case you have to stay away from them, especially during pregnancy), mango it has no particular contraindications, as long as you don't overdo it in consumption.

In fact, mango is a food very caloric e sugary and if framed within a healthy and balanced diet this represents a benefit, this property can become harmful in case of abuse of the fruit, when excessive consumption can cause excessive weight gain.

Another (small) pitfall may be toxoplasmosis, although fruit growing on trees is much less dangerous than vegetables. To be safer, therefore, it is better to always wash the fruit and undergo a blood test prescribed by the attending physician to ascertain the presence or absence of antibodies against the parasite in the blood. Toxoplasma gondii.


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