Manicure during pregnancy: 5 tips for perfect hands

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The manicure can be done during the pregnancy? This is one of the questions that pregnant women ask themselves: yes, because the pregnancy it is such a delicate moment when it is important, living it to the fullest is almost a "mission" for future mothers. Do not worry, therefore, because la pregnant manicure not only is it possible, but it is also an appointment capable of relaxing and making women feel at ease.

If the body changes radically, habits remain so and devoting attention to it is very important. After all, having the well-groomed hands it helps and feel better about themselves, beautiful and "in order". What products to use, what to watch out for and what not to underestimate Ilaria Colombani, who manages the SEI beauty center in Pavia, tells us. Specialized in visa and body treatments, manicures and pedicures, here are yours 5 tips for a perfect pregnancy manicure.

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1. The products to use

Products to be used in pregnancy must be safe, without was mineral, silicones and preservatives: «In this way, they will be avoided unpleasant irritations and inconvenience ".

2. Beware of stains on your hands

In the period of pregnancy it is common to have some spots that hardly disappear after childbirth. «For this reason it is good to use a total protection on the hands, in addition to the classic everyday cream ».

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3. The right tools

Before relying on any beauty center, make sure that «the beauty operator uses all the right tools for manicure and above all make sure that they are disinfected and treated. Must not miss the wire cutters e cuticle remover, that they must be sterilized in an autoclave», So as not to incur unpleasant accidents and in nasty infections.

4. The enamel

The advice is to use enamels tested against heavy metals. I'm from avoid instead i semi-permanent nail polishes and those gel: «It would be optimal to absolutely suspend their use and also refrain from reconstruction. In this case, however, the type of product is not in any way questioned, the more the emergence of any hospital emergencies that would make its removal complex ».

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5. Draining massage

The manicure, as we have already said, is a moment of well-being and relaxation for all women, even more so for those who are pregnant. "The draining hand massage it is a real pleasure especially in the last months of gestation where there is greater water retention and the body needs special attention ».

Updated on 28.03.2022

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