Many beautiful phrases about children to personalize birthday cards

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Beautiful phrases for children

Phrases dedicated to children

A gift without a card to accompany it is not a true gift. But often, choose the right phrase to celebrate an important occasion, it is not easy. We propose some ideas from which to take inspiration, in order to make them understand to the person to whom it is addressed that the card was written with heart.

Here is a list of beautiful phrases for children ideal for all occasions.

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The most beautiful birthday greetings

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Would you like to congratulate the parents of a newborn baby? Here are wishes and dedications to write when you want to wish for the birth of a child.

Beautiful phrases for newborn babies

La birth of a child it is always an immense joy especially for mum, dad and all relatives. For this reason, in addition to providing a useful gift for new parents, it is good to also think of a greeting card and with a lovely phrase for a newborn baby: it will certainly be an appreciated thought.

Here are the most beautiful phrases for birth from which you can take inspiration:

  • The Soul chooses its parents long before coming to Earth. She thanks every day for the choice made. Thanks as the first sign of love for our newborn children. Thank you for choosing us as parents, Thank you for joining us, Thank you for all the love you bring with you. (Anonymous)

  • I think I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of a small child's eyes when he wakes up in the morning and hums or laughs as he sees the sun shining on his cradle. (Vincent Van Gogh)

  • In life you have to do three things: have a child, write a book, plant a tree. (Zen proverb)

  • Making the decision to have a child is important. It is deciding to have your heart around forever outside of your body. (Elizabeth Stone)

  • There are no seven wonders of the world in a child's eyes. There are seven million of them. (Walt Streightiff)
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Beautiful phrases birthday children

Customize the classics birthday greeting cards and with a nice phrase for birthday. In this way you will make your ticket unique and certainly appreciated by both the child and the parents.

  • Take a breath and stay closer, there is a new candle on the cake! Close your eyes and dream a little, your thought is a nice present! Happy birthday!

  • You are already in your first year of life and you are still not aware of how much love and happiness you have been able to give to this family. Happy birthday!

  • My son, one day you will grow up and the school will teach you to count, but how to count in life you will have to learn by yourself.

  • You are still small and you still have your whole life ahead, so our wish is that the future can bring you lots of joy and happiness: Happy birthday!

  • One is the most beautiful child in the world, one is his place in the circle, one is the love of mum and dad, one is the year he already has.
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Beautiful phrases for babies who are to be born

For parents and grandparents, when the birth of a child is upon us, it is a very exciting moment: the family unit expands and grows, a heartfelt wish is what it takes to be original and not obvious, with beautiful phrases for children who are yet to be born.

  • Motherhood is the greatest privilege in life. (Mary R. Cocker)

  • The moment a child is born, the mother is born too. She has never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new. (Osho)

  • There are only two inexhaustible legacies that we must hope to pass on to our children: roots and wings. (Harding Carter)

  • Babies are fragments of stardust blown by the hand of God. Lucky the woman who knows the pangs of childbirth because she has a star inside her. (Larry Barretto)

  • As we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us that life is everything. (Angela Schwindt)
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Beautiful phrases about growing children

Il moment of growth marks a fundamental stage for the child, a moment of transition made of ups and downs, of ups and downs. For this reason, encouraging children who grow up with ad hoc phrases will be an idea that is not only useful, but also very appreciated.

  • Having a daughter is certainly the best guarantee against boredom. (Pam Brown)

  • Before I saw your eyes I survived. When your gaze met mine for the first time, I started living. (Anonymous)

  • You have to let your children go if you want them to stay with you. (Malcolm Forbes)

  • Your children are not your children ... they are the sons and daughters of the force of Life itself. They are born through you, but not from you. They abide with you, yet they do not belong to you. (Kahil Gibran)

  • All adults have been children once. But few of them remember it. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
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Beautiful phrases of children's songs

Singers and musicians have always dedicated Songs to children: whether they were sons or daughters, whether they were little men or little women, the music is dotted with episodes, verses and songs dedicated to children.

  • "I'll take your hand and on a carriage I'll take you to dance, because I'll be your king ..." (Povia)

  • "May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, May you always do for others and let others do for you". (Bob Dylan)

  • "Everything for you is ninna na ninna and… is for you everything that is ninna na ninna and…" (Jovanotti)

  • "But there is only one thing I would like to teach you is to make your dreams grow and how to make them come true but also that sometimes you just can't avoid - if they become nightmares you have to know how to deal with them" (Eugenio Finardi)

  • "You who were born where there is always the sun, on a rock that you can dive into. And that sun is in your heart, spring sun ... on that rock in May a flower was born" ( Fabio Concato)

Questions and answers

What are the most beautiful famous phrases about babies? 

"A child can always teach an adult three things:

  • To be happy for no reason
  • Always being busy with something
  • To demand with all his strength what he wants. " (Paulo Coelho)
  "Adults never understand anything by themselves and children get tired of explaining everything to them every time." (Antoine De-Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince)    

How to wish a happy birthday to a child?

Here are some phrases to send birthday wishes to children:

  • Happy birthday with the wish that your party will be full of joy and love
  • You took a few steps but there is still a long way to go. Walk it happy with our wishes, happy birthday little one!
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